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2020-21 ARCHIVED Year 1 Hedgehogs

Welcome to Hedgehogs! 


Take a look at what we have been up to.

Miss Mason (Teacher)

Miss Stanton (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sinha Royle (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Useful songs:


At the beginning of our math lessons, the children participate in a range of action songs to help support their learning.  Why not have a go at home?


Sports Week.

The children have been very busy bees! The children have been taking part in the 'daily mile' (they've all done a really good job), where they have had to walk, run or jog three times around the field.  We were also lucky enough to welcome a cricket coach into school.  During this session, the children practised a range of techniques designed to help boost their throwing, batting and catching skills.  They learnt a little bit about the match and discussed some of the rules.  All of the children listened well and thoroughly enjoyed the activity! Check out some of the photo of the children’s wonderful skills!

A Special Visitor

On Tuesday 15th June, KS1 were lucky enough to have Iris Segall visit the school.  She is from the Bristol Synagogue and spoke to the children about the Jewish religion. Iris explained all aspects of the religion, and talked to the children in-depth about the Synagogue and the important objects that can be found inside, such as the Torah, the Ark and the ‘eternal light’. The children even had the opportunity to taste some Challah (bread that is braided and eaten on ceremonial occasions). All the children agreed that it was delicious!


Space Day!


Wow – What an amazing day! 


In keeping with this terms topic of ‘Space’, the children came to school dressed up!  We had some fabulous costumes; aliens, space explorers and astronauts were just some of the amazing visitors that arrived at school on the day.  We were very lucky to welcome the ‘Explorer Dome’ into school on the day too.  Children were able to experience ‘space’ first hand and gaze into the night sky to explore our galaxy! The children learned all about the stars (including the story of Orion and his dog, Sirius), the moon, and the sun.  Did you know the Earth would fit into the sun one million times!


In the afternoon, the children learned all about the space pizza party, and made their very own pizzas! They ate these along with some real life space food.  The children also had the opportunity to participate in other space-themed activities throughout the day, including moon art and astronaut training.  The day was out of this world!

Launching rockets into Space

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As part of our topic learning we followed a set of instructions to build a rocket and today we launched them up into space. ⭐️🌞🌕 We had so much fun and even got a little wet. 🙂

Church visit

On Tuesday afternoon, Year One and Two visited St Nicks Church as part of our RE lesson.


We were greeted by Reverend Iain and Reverend Joanne who explained to the children why the church is a special place for Christians.  


The children were then split into small groups and had a chance to look around at the different artefacts including the Alter, Lectern, Font and the Organ. The afternoon ended with the children being able to ask questions.


Reverend Iain complemented all the children on their outstanding listening and the respect they showed for the church.



This term we are writing a short story based on 'Lights on Cotton Rock' by David Litchfield. We started our unit of work by going on a hunt for clues about our quality text. We discovered some torches, a UFO, slime, special rocks, some family pictures and some letters to an alien. We then wrote our own letters to an alien, thinking about what we would ask an alien or tell an alien if we met one.



The Great Fire of London!


Our Great Fire of London Topic this term ended with a bang. The children made their own Tudor houses in DT based on what we know about Tudor housing style. They then stuffed them with straw and lined them up close together (just like the Tudor Times) and created our own Little London. Suddenly, a fire broke out in the Pudding Lane Bakery and it quickly spread to all the houses. The children sang London's Burning and it wasn't too long before the houses were nothing but ashes.



Our quality text in English this term has been 'Jack and the Incredibly Mean Stalk'. We first of all found a beanstalk growing in the library with some golden leaves, showing us our golden words. We wrote a lovely story about how the Mean Stalk changed his ways and became kind and helpful to everyone. We then wrote a factfile on Mean Stalks, discussing where they live, what they eat and what they look like. We also grew our own mean stalks!



The children have come back to school so beautifully and been hard at work with their maths! They have been learning about dates and the language of time.




Our quality text this term is 'The Storm Whale' by Benji Davies. On our return to school after the half term, we were surprised to find an urgent email about a whale that had been beached on the playground after some very rainy days. We saw a photo of the whale and discussed where the whale would have come from. Luckily, it had been returned to it's home. We then listened to the story of 'The Storm Whale.' We have been learning skills such as finding and using nouns (proper and common nouns), using 'and' as a conjunction to join two sentences and using capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names. Following on from this writing, we have been looking at writing instructions on how to look after a whale. We started the unit of work off by looking at some objects in a suitcase related to the instructions and then having a lovely treat of cookies and milk (our whale's favourite snack). We have focused on verbs during this piece of writing. 

Let's Explore! 


In our topic this term we have a Geography and Art focus. We are comparing Australia to the UK (which we focused on last term) and are exploring the paintings of Australian artist, Ken Done. We are recreating his 'Great Barrier Reef' picture using different techniques in paint mixing, collage and sketching.

Children in Need!


For Children in Need, we learnt a little bit about why we donate money, who it goes to, and how it helps children in the UK. We did the 'Act your age' Challenge during our PE lesson. As the children are either 6 or will be turning 6 years old during Year 1, we decided to base the challenge around the number 6. We did 6 different activities for 6 minutes each and then rotated around so each group of children got to do each activity. The activities included: hula-hooping, step ups, balancing, throwing and catching a ball, balancing and bouncing a ball on a tennis racket, and throwing bean bags into a target. The children did amazing in their challenges and we thank everyone for donating to Children in Need.


The children did some lovely activities to celebrate Diwali in RE this week. They did some chalk Rangoli patterns, made a Diwali card, made a Diwali candle out of playdough and drew around their hands to decorate with mehndi. The children had a really lovely afternoon learning about the Hindu celebration!

Outdoor Learning Day!


The 5th November was our Outdoor Learning Day and so we spent a fantastic day learning outside with the theme of Bonfire Night! In the morning we went to the wildlife area we explored a range of activities. We got creative and made some sparklers, the children worked in teams to build dens, and we also wittled some sticks and roasted marshmallows around our own bonfire. Next, we learnt the Gunpowder plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks. In the afternoon, we did some firework dancing and made a collaborative firework masterpiece outside. 

Gentle Fireworks!

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Jumping Fireworks!

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                                           TERM 1



Our quality text this term has been 'I want my hat back.' The children learnt the skills to begin writing simple sentences about the character 'Bear'. From this we then went on a bear hunt in order to learn more about Bear and brown bears in general. We discovered what bears eat, what they look like and where they live. The children have now started to write a report on Bear based on these three areas.



In maths we have been looking at place value and number bonds. We have represented numbers in different ways: tens frames, part-part whole, dienes, numicon, number lines and hundred squares. The children are now learning number bonds up to 10 and writing addition number sentences.

Let's explore!


This term we have been looking at maps in our topic. We have explored the local area, looked at maps of the UK and world maps. A highlight has been our local walk around the Abbotswood shops which was great fun (even if it was rainy)! We have also used skills from maths in order to work out distances between Bristol landmarks on a map and we have started to learn how to use coordinates.



We have been beginning to learn how to program beebots this term. The children first learnt to use it just across the carpet and then moved onto using it on a beebot map.

Forest School:


We have had some great fun in the woods this term. The children have made dens out of branches, done some digging and raking, walked across a rope (and back with their eyes closed) as well as playing 'the floor is lava' which required them to work as a team. We can't wait get back out there!



We have been lucky enough this term to get a chance to learn some football skills with sports coaches. We have learnt how to dribble the ball, pass to each other with the side of the foot and stop the ball with our feet! It's been great to have some Friday football fun!

Passing the ball 1.mp4

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Passing the ball 2.MOV

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Cross Country running:


Hedgehogs showed us just how speedy they are this term. A sports coach came and trained the children in cross-country as part of a virtual sports competition with other local schools. They were put into teams and each child ran around the track 4 times for their team to get a combined time. Each child amazed us with their stamina and motivation to keep going for their team! Well done Hedgehogs!

Black History Month:


In our last week of term, we looked at some prominent African American figures in our Guided Reading and English lessons. In Guided Reading, we read about the inspiring story of Wilma Rudolph (American Olympic Athlete) and we looked at the Bus Boycott led by Rosa Parks during our English lessons. We looked at some pictures of Rosa and the bus and questioned what was happening in the pictures, what we noticed and what we wondered. We listened to a story about her life which encouraged us to think about the feelings of those involved in the events. The subsequent lessons involved looking at, memorising and writing a poem about Rosa Parks.