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Abbotswood Primary School

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2020-21 Year 1 and 2 Badgers

Welcome to our Class Page!  

We hope you enjoy seeing our learning journey in action.



Useful songs to support learning...


At the beginning of our math lessons, the children participate in a range of action songs to help support their learning.  Why not have a go at home?

Term 4

Term 4 - Wow! FIRE!


The Great Fire of London – How did Tudor life cause the Great Fire of London?


Over the past few weeks, the children have been learning about the Great Fire of London, which happened during 1666.The children were given the opportunity to design and make a Tudor house using found materials.  They were able to use a range of DT skills, including cutting and joining, to create their Tudor house.  In week five, the streets of London were recreated and the Fire of London started.

Term 4 - English - MAGICAL BEANS!?


Something magical happened today in Year 1 and 2!  The children discovered MAGIC BEANS!

Term 4 Topic – The Great Fire of London!


This term, the children are really focusing on The Great Fire of London, which happened in 1666.  They have been putting their DT skills to good use and they have had the opportunity to design and make a Tudor house.  They used a range of techniques to make their Tudor house, such as cutting, ripping and joining. They have all done a fabulous job.

Christmas Fun.


The children in Badgers class have been having a fun time participating in Christmas activities.

Super Science!


Today the children became super scientists and explored absorbent and waterproof materials.  They tested five different materials (fabric, tissue paper, paper towel, tin foil and cotton wool), to find out which one would be suitable to make a waterproof spacesuit. Can you guess which material was waterproof?


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Just look at how enthusiastic our learners are!

Let's Explore!


This term we are continuing the topic of Let’s Explore!  The children will have the opportunity to compare two countries – Australia and the UK. This term, we will also be focusing on Art. The children will have the opportunity to recreate a painting inspired by an Australian artist, Ken Done. The children will use a wide variety of different materials, including paint, sketch and collage to represent the Great Barrier Reef.  


The Storm Whale - Instructions.


This term we are looking at instructions! The children came into the class this morning and they were surprised to see presents left around the room! After finding all nine, the children looked closer at them and decided that they might be for the storm whale. After reading the Model Of Excellence, they decided that the objects could be used to look after the whale. As a result, we all practised taking care of the little lost whale – feeding him cookies and milk, reading him stories, playing him music and giving him hugs.

Data Collecting.


The children took on the very serious role of data collecting today.  They asked their friend ‘What is your favourite 2D shape?’  They collected the data and recorded it in a tally chart.  After this, they had a go at representing their data.  They all did a great job!

Cool Colour Mixing!



The children had the opportunity to explore colour mixing!  They mixed two primary colours to discover what secondary colour could be made.  The children made orange, purple and green.  After this, we talked about different shades of the same colour.  They added white to make the primary colour lighter and black to make the primary colour darker. It was super fun (and a little messy).

Wonderful Writing.


Wow! Just look at this wonderful writer!

Pudsey Fun

Our combined class age represented as Pudsey spots! WOW - that's 146 spots in total. Can you spot your Pudsey design?

Crazy Capital Letters!


Today the children explored crazy capital letters!  They know that capital letters can be found at the beginning of a sentence and at the beginning of names.  These are proper nouns.  The children began by finding the capital letters in the MOE, and then used different mediums to make them.

Our Outdoor Learning Day - November 2020

What an AMAZING time the children had learning in the great outdoors today! The best part had to be going out into the Wild Life Garden where the children made sparkler sticks (being bonfire night), dens and were able to roast a sneaky marshmallow on the fire! They also enjoyed learning about different types of lines which they used to create a large sclae firework picture. It was a truly enjoyable and engaging day.  


Bonfire 1

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Bonfire 2

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Marble Run

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Fabulous English!


Today the children learned about nouns.  They discovered that a noun is a person, place or a thing.  First, the children went on a noun hunt to find the nouns around the classroom and then they became detectives! They needed to find nouns in sentences from the MOE

Term 1 Newsletter



During our English lesson today, the children become detectives!  They needed to put on their boots, coats and hats and grab their magnifying glass and detective goggles.  The children were asked to look at lots of pictures to try to work out what was going on. They then listed to a short story about Rosa Parks and why she is important.  The detectives were then able to link the previous pictures to the story.  For their final detective task, they needed to write down all the information they could remember about Rosa Parks.  They even managed to share some of their findings with their friends.  They all made fabulous detectives!

PE Coaches - October 2020

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What a tense moment between two great players!

Ashton's Amazing GOAL!

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More super skill action from Badger's Class!

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He shoots... he scores!

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Just one more!

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Marvellous Maths.


Year 1 and 2 have been exploring number bonds this term.  They have been using the part, part, whole method to really secure these number facts.  The children have used a range of methods to help support their learning.

Let's Explore!


The children in Year 1 and 2 have been looking at maps this term.  They started by looking closely at the area in which they go to school.  They had the opportunity to explore the local area, including the local amenities.  The children then looked at the city of Bristol and explored different places that they may like to visit.  Finally, they explored Europe and was able to locate some European countries on a simple map.

Fabulous Forest Skills!


The children have been out and about exploring the wildlife area!  They have dug deep holes (nearly all the way to Australia), made fabulous dens and worked together as a team to cross a path.  Just look at the fun that was had!