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Abbotswood Primary School

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2020-21 Year 2 Foxes


Welcome to Foxes class


Here you will find all of the termly homework and newsletters for Foxes class, as well as information about some of the exciting activities that we have been doing in school. Children will be given spelling and Maths homework on a weekly basis that’s will be uploaded into SeeSaw. We also ask parents to hear their children read  at least 4 times a week, as we see the best progress in those children who read regularly at home with an adult.


Many thanks for your support in helping your child improve.


Miss Short 🦊


Adults in our bubble: 

Miss Short - Class Teacher 

Mrs Hollick - Teaching Assistant 

Miss Dunmall - Trainee Teacher 


Red Nose Day - March 2021

Census Day, Let’s Count - March 2021

Today we have been joining in with the Let’s Count initiative for the 2021 Census. We counted all the items we could find around our classroom and outdoor area. We counted 46 chairs, 23 daffodils and 35 rulers to name a few. πŸ˜ƒ 

Welcome back Foxes class 🦊 - March 2021

Today we received a letter from Father Christmas - December 2020

P.E in Foxes class! - December 2020


In our P.E lessons this term we have been working on building our core strength through a range of different exercises. Watch the videos to see how we’re getting on. 


Still image for this video

More programming in Foxes class! - December 2020


In Foxes 🦊 class we love computing and we have been writing instructions to direct our Bee-Bots from one place to the next. Take a look pictures of us enjoying our learning. 

Let’s explore! - December 2020


This term we have continued with our learning based around the title ‘Let’s explore!’. The children will have the opportunity to compare two countries – Australia and the UK. This term, we will also be focusing on Art and the children will be to recreating a painting inspired by an Australian artist, Ken Done. The children will use a wide variety of different materials, including paint, sketch and collage to represent the Great Barrier Reef.  


Here are are some pictures of us collating, sketching and painting... scroll through and you’ll even see our finished pieces of art. 

Which material is waterproof? - November 2020


This term we have been learning about the properties of well known materials. Today we have been testing which material is waterproof by using a pipette to put 4 drops onto 5 different materials. 

More Children in Need fun! - November 2020


Pudsey joined in with our maths today! We all had fun learning how to subtract 2 two digit numbers. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Children in Need - Act your age challenge - November 2020


Still image for this video
On Children in Need day we were set a challenge - it was the act your age challenge! In foxes 🦊 class we decided to do 2 challenges...

The first was to run around the playground for the same number of times as our ages- most of us ran around 6 times but some of us did 7 laps. The second challenge was to do star jumps for 162 seconds (which is all of our ages added together). It was fun but we were out of breath by the end.

Bee-Bot in computing  - November 2020


Today we were practicing our programming skills by learning how to give our Bee-Bot 🐝 a set of instructions and seeing if they move in the correct direction. We also used an app to program the Bee-Bot. Take a look at us enjoying our lesson. 

Celebrating Diwali in Foxes class - November 2020

Colour mixing in topic - November 2020


We talked about the 3 primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and how when we mix them together we make 3 new colours - secondary colours (orange, green and purple). We had a go at mixing our secondary colours. 

After our colour mixing we had a go at mixing shade of one of the primary colours by mixing a tiny bit of black in each time and then painting a line. We then did the same for white. 

Outdoor learning day - November 2020


Today was outdoor learning day at Abbotswood and because it was also the 5th November we also decided to learn a bit about the gunpowder plot. We started the day by doing some art work and guy making. Then finished the day by building a fire and exploring the wildlife garden. In the wildlife garden we toasted marshmallows, build dens and whittled sticks for our marshmallows. Take a look at the pictures below of our fun day.  

Georgia’s wonderful learning  - October 2020


This week we have been learning about Rosa Parks and the day she decided to not to give up her seat on the bus. We have had lots of discussion about how Rosa would have felt and why she was expected to give up her seat. We have all created some great writing this week but Georgia stood out. Here is a picture of Georgia’s fabulous learning! Take a read! 😁😁😁😁😁

What’s the weather like today? - October 2020


This term we’ve been learning about seasonal changes and looking at how the weather changes from season to season. This week we created our own weather reports. First we role played them and then we wrote them in our Science books. 

Glockenspiels in Music - October 2020


This term in Music we have been learning to sing and play the song ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’. Here is a video of us playing the song on Glockenspiels. Doesn’t it sound amazing!? πŸ‘Œ



Still image for this video

We ❀️ Editing Friday! - October 2020


Every Friday we look back over our learning for the week and try to improve our learning by using our purple polishing pens to make it a little bit better. 


We we also have a special tool that we use to help us spot the mistakes... it’s our editing glasses. They really help us to spot the mistakes. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“

R.E  - October 2020


In R.E this term we have been learning about how different religions celebrate different events. We have learnt about many different religions and events including how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat and how Christians celebrate a christening. Here are some pictures of us re-enacting a Christening. 

Adding using dienes - October 2020


We’ve been practicing using our dienes and a Place Value chart to help us add numbers. We made both numbers and put them together  on the place value chart. 😁 Then we worked out how much we had in total. 

Forest schools - September 2020


Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our time in forest school today. 

Ordering in Maths - September 2020


Today in Maths we’ve been learning how to order and compare numbers. First we looked at the first digit (the tens), and then if they were the same as another number we must use the second digit (the ones) to help. 


When we were secure at the skill of ordering our numbers we moved onto using the skill by playing a game of ‘Top Trumps’. It was so much fun. 😁😁😁😁😁

What are maps used for? - September 2020


To begin our learning in Geography we looked at a range of different maps. We were looking at the things each of them had the same and the things that were different about them all. All of them had a key to help us know where things were. We enjoyed our lesson and we are eager to find out what we’re learning next. 😁😁😁😁

Marking faces - September 2020


In the first week of term, we have been doing lots of fun activities to get to know each other. Here are some pictures of the nature faces we made. Do they look like us? 😁