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Abbotswood Primary School

Together We Aim High, Believe and Achieve

2021-2022 Year 1 and 2 Badgers

Welcome to our Class Page! We hope you enjoy looking at our learning journey.

Mrs. Risdale (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs. Winstone (Wednesday PM - Friday).

Welcome to our Class Page! Here you will find all of the termly homework and newsletters for Badgers Class as well as information about all off the exciting activities that we have going on within school smiley .


Children will be given spelling every Friday and Maths homework will be uploaded to Seesaw on a weekly basis. We also ask parents to hear their children read  at least 4 times a week, as we see the best progress in those children who read regularly at home with an adult.


Thank you for all of your help and support.


Mrs. Winstone and Mrs. Risdale.


Adults in our classroom.


Mrs. Risdale and Mrs. Winstone - Class Teacher.

Mrs. Vidaurri - Teaching Assistant.

Miss. Dwyer - 1:1 Teaching Assistant.

Term 2

A visit from Traction Man!


Today, we had a mystery package arrive at Abbotswood!  When we opened it,  we saw a toy catalogue and a TRACTION MAN action figure! We had a look inside the catalogue and there was a page missing. After lots of detective work, we decided that the advert for TRACTION MAN was missing! We need to help the toy shop by making an advert for Traction Man, but we had to practice using our persuasion skills first! Take a look at what happened......

Let's take a look at the changes we see......


As part of our science learning this year, the children are looking at seasonal changes. We took a seasonal walk to the woods, looking for signs of autumn! The children used their detective eyes to try and spot blackberries, berries, conkers, different coloured leaves on the ground and pine cones.  The children also made their very own leaf kababs! They were able to find an array of different size, shape and coloured leaves to present to the rest of the class.

Getting to grips with subtraction!


The children in Badgers class have been working hard on securing their subtraction skills this term. They have been learning to subtract two-digit numbers from two-digit numbers using a range of different resources.  The children have been using their fabulous place value skills to help support this learning.  They have all done a marvellous job!

Super Sports!


This term, we have been lucky enough to welcome the sports coaches into Badgers class.  The sports coaches have been working along side the class to help progress their football skills!  The children have learned lots of new tactics, including dribbling and passing.  We can't wait to see them play!

Term 1

Fantastic Forest School!


The children in Badgers class this term has had the opportunity to explore the forest school area. The children played some fabulous forest games! They have built dens, dug huge holes, sat in the hammock and made very mucky and disgusting mud pies. I must say, they did look rather horrid……..

Marvellous Maths!


Wow! What a fabulous learning Badgers class have done in maths this term! In The children have been busy exploring their place value skills.  They have been working hard on securing their number knowledge and knowing the value of each digit.  They have progressed this learning by using this knowledge to help their understanding of addition.  The children have been adding Tens and Ones to Ones and Tens and Ones to Tens and Ones! It really has been wonderful.  

Send for a Superhero!


Our quality text this term has been 'Send for a Superhero' written by Michael Rosen. The children discovered that evil forces wanted to take over the world! After close investigation, they discovered that it was Filth and Vacuum! However, all was okay, as Brad 40 and a group of superheroes came to the rescue. PHEW! The children have been working hard to create wonderful pieces of writing based on this story: a diary entry, a letter and a story are just some of the writing genres that they have looked at.  

Vehicle Mayhem! 


This term , we have been learning all about superheroes!  Within the topic, the children have had the opportunity to design and make a vehicle suited for a superhero.  They children used their fabulous DT and maths skills to measure, cut and assemble their vehicles.  Once all vehicles were assembled, the children needed to find out whose vehicle would travel the furthest! We set up a superhero testing station in the hall and using a ramp, we measured the distance they travelled.  We measured the distance in cm and m.  Some vehicles travelled further than 2m! 

Thinking hard in PSHE.


Our theme this term has been 'Being Me in My World'.  At the beginning of the term, we met our new Jigsaw friend, Jo! Jo has been helping us to learn all about the jigsaw charter and has been helping us think about our class rules.  Within our class, we know that EVERONE has the RIGHT to learn and that it is EVERYONES responsibilty to allow everyone in our class to learn. We all agreed to our class rules at the end of term by signing the charter.  What a fantastic class we have!