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2021 - 2022 Year 2 Foxes Class


Welcome to Foxes class


Here you will find all of the termly homework and newsletters for Foxes class, as well as information about some of the exciting activities that we have been doing in school. Children will be given spelling every Friday and Maths homework will be uploaded to Seesaw on a weekly basis. We also ask parents to hear their children read  at least 4 times a week, as we see the best progress in those children who read regularly at home with an adult.


Many thanks for your support in helping your child improve.


Miss Short


Adults in our classroom-

Miss Short - Class Teacher 

Mrs Hollick - Teaching Assistant 


   Find out what we get up to in Foxes class    

Multi-Skills Festival - June 2022


A selection of children from Year 2 visited St Anne's Primary School in Oldland to take part in the Multi-Skills Festival!  The children had the opportunity to have a go at a range of sports, including an obstacle course, a relay race and volleyball!  The children worked together in teams to score points against other schools.  You'll be pleased to hear that we came second over all!  It was a fabulous afternoon and fun was had by all.  Our team at Abbotswood did a marvellous job!  GO TEAM ABBOTSWOOD!

Vincent Van Gogh artist study - June 2022

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been looking closely at Vincent Van Gogh paintings. We have focussed in on one of his pieces - ‘Fishing boats on the beach’. We have spent the last 2 lessons looking closely at the techniques he used and his colour combinations. We have practiced his brush stroke techniques and this week we attempted to create patterns and lines using oil pastels. As we continue through this the term, we will have a go at recreating our own version of his famous masterpiece. 

Measuring capacity in Maths - June 2022

PSHE learning - May 2022

Our R.E lesson on special books - May 2022

In R.E this week we were looking at special books and stories. We talked about the bible which is a special books to Christians. We looked at a range of different bibles - some with pictures, some with just writing. Even though they were all a little bit different every bible has the same se stories are very special to all Christians. 

Fraction learning in Year 2 - May 2022

Block coding in Foxes class - April 2022

Setting up our science experiment - April 2022

Today in science we planted runner bean seeds so we could watch them grow over the term. We talked about what all plants need (water, sun light, space to grow, nutrients and soil).  


We decided to set up an experiment to test out if we take away one of the things plants need would it still grow. We decided to not water one runner bean and see if it grows. Keep posted to find out our results.

Making our own inventions to solve a problem - April 2022

In our topic lesson this week we learned all about inventions and how everything we use was once invented. Inventions solve a problem that we have.


Once upon a time people couldn’t see in the dark then Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. We had a go at solving our own problems.

The start of our inventions topic ♀ - April 2022

To start off our topic learning for the term, we went into the hall where there were lots of items - some we use everyday and some we have never seen before. We could touch them and try to work out what they were used for. 


We talked about how these item were all created by someone.

Looking for microhabitats in our school ground - March 2022

A delivery from Little Red - March 2022

On Tuesday we had a delivery from Little Red. Little Red is a character from our new English text. He left us some apples and a keg of ginger beer. We tasted both... the apples were juicy and tasted delicious. The ginger beer was a different story. Some of us loved the fizzy taste but most of us found the unusual taste too spicy and hot. 


This tasting session kick started our learning based the book ‘Little Red’ which is a different take on the well known tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. 

Pop-Art printing fun - March 2022

Today, we really put our printing skills to the test!  Using the portraits that we drew last term, we transferred these onto a foam tile in order to print them onto paper.  We used a wide range of skills (and tools) to do this, including tracing, indenting and painting.  We painted our tile ina contrasting colour to our background and then printed it onto paper.  Our aim was to recreate a well known piece of artwork by Andy Warhol. We were pleasantly surprised how well they all turned out!

In Year 2, we kicked started Environmental Week with a bang!  When the children walked into the classroom on the first morning, they were surprised to see lots and lots of plastic bags dotted about.  After reading our book 'One plastic bag' by Miranda Paul, they were surprised to discover that plastic can cause lots of damage to our world.


As part of our English learning, we designed and made a poster making people realise the damage plastic can cause!  We also learned about the three R's : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Later on in the week, the children explored persuasive writing and wrote a letter to Boris Johnson telling him all about plastic pollution.   In Maths, we went litter picking in search of rubbish in our school grounds. We were surprised by how much we found!  We recorded the items we found on a tally chart and created pictograms to represent the data.


The children have also been working hard thinking of ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use and how to recycle it!  They have designed and made a fabulous product made from old plastic bags.  It is amazing what you can make from 'one plastic bag'. 

Contrasting colours in our art lesson - February 2022

Programming with Bee-Bot in Foxes class - January 2022

The pea and the princess - January 2022

In English this week, we received a package from the pea Queen. She told us we could use her recipe book to follow instructions to make something delicious. The only problem was.... all the recipes had peas in them! 五 We decided to to make pea and raspberry jelly. Here are some pictures of us making and enjoying the jelly. It was surprisingly tasty.


We made this jelly as a BIG BANG lesson for our new English unit. Our book is ‘The pea and the Princess’ By Mini Grey. The story is about a pea who loves peas and she has a soon that she wants to find a partner. The queen invites lots of princess over and gives them a bed . Under 20 mattresses she puts a tiny green pea and hope that the real princess will feel the pea and have an awful night sleep. 



Dogs Trust workshop - January 2022

R.E. Learning - January 2022

In R.E this week we were learning about the Muslim religion and we learned that Prophet Muhammad thought the cats were very important and that cats bring lots of blessings to you and your family. We read a story about how Prophet Muhammad allowed cats to go into the Mosque because that’s are very clean animals. 


We we had a go at making an origami cats. Take a look at the pictures.  

Christmas in Foxes class 儭- December 2022

Look at our amazing puppets. We spent a long time designing, sewing and decorating our very own puppets. Some of us found it very tricky when we were sewing but we persevered.  

Our puppet workshop - November 2021

Still image for this video
We had such fun today at our puppet workshop. When we first entered the hall we were so excited and couldnt wait to get started! We were all handed a puppet and joined in with a puppet show right from the start. Here is a video of us having fun.

After we joined in with the puppet show, Talulah Swirls (the puppet lady) put on a puppet show for us to watch using more shadow puppets that she had made. We were amazed at how beautiful the puppets were.   They were made of cardboard, acetate, wooden sticks, tape and ribbon. 

We then had a go at making our own. We designed our using the theme of ‘Under water’. We made, sharks, whales, mermaids and many other underwater creatures - some of ours even had moving parts. When we had finished we put on our own puppet shows. We had such fun!

Traction Man medals for our AMAZING writing歹- November 2021

In English we have been writing our own version of the story ‘Traction Man is here!’ by Mini Grey. It is a story about an action hero who saves all his friends when they into danger,. At the end of the story when everyone has been saved they guide Traction Man a medal (it’s a hula hoop on a piece of ribbon). So when we had finished our writing we got given our very own medal. 

Zones of regulation - November 2021

This week in Foxes class, we have been learning about our ‘Zones of Regulation’. We’ve been talking about our feelings and what zone we might be in if we are feeling that way. We we took part in many activities that involved us deciding which zone each emotion would be in. By the end of the week we became very good at labelling our emotions and knowing which zones it links to. 


We talked about wanting to be in the green zone green but we can’t always been in it. Sometimes we feel sad or tired so we might be in the blue zone. Sometimes we might feel worried, over excited or frustrated and be in the yellow zone. And sometimes we might feel angry or scared and be in the red zone歹. Being in these zones is ok. We are allowed to feel these emotions - everyone in the world feels them at some point.


As we talk more about ‘Zones of Regulation’ in the coming weeks we will start to talk more about how we can help ourselves move back to the green zone when we move into the blue, red歹 or yellow zone. 

Our Autumn Welly Walk - November 2021

Topic BIG BANG - Toys 孛- November 2021

Our new topic for term 2 is ‘Toys: old and new. Through this topic we will be learning the history of toys and designing and making a toy of our own. To begin our learning we went into the hall where many different toys had been put out on tables. We had the opportunity to play with them. Some of the toys were old and we had no idea what to do with them at first. Some of the toys we had seen before. 

Design and technology learning: designing making and testing our superhero vehicles - September/October 2021

As part of our Topic learning this term, we have been practicing lots of D&T skills. First we designed a superhero making sure to make sure it was fast, had at least 4 wheels and had an extra special element to the car. Then the following week we had a go at building it. As you can see from the pictures we used saws to cut the wooden dowels to make axels for the cardboard wheels.


Finally we had a go at testing how far our vehicles would travel. We all measured the distance our vehicles travelled down a slope. We then evaluated how successful our vehicles were and thought about what we would do next time.

Materials: Science experiment - October 2021

As part of our Science learning we have been testing out the strength of different materials. Last week we looked at a range of materials including metal, paper and wood to find the strongest. 


This week we focussed in on paper and discussed how we could make paper stronger. We came up with several ways including layering several pieces of paper. Then our teacher showed us corrugated cardboard and we had a go at folding paper to make it stronger. This definitely worked and as you can see from the pictures it held far more than just a unfolded single piece of paper. 

Addition Maths Fun in Foxes class - September 2021

Using place value to order numbers - September 29021

Term 1 topic BIG BANG: Superheroes - September 2021