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Abbotswood Primary School

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2021-2022 Year 4 Bats and Deer

Welcome to Year 4!


Meet the team...

Our teaching assistants are Miss Allen (Bats class) and Mrs Williams (Deer class).

Stone Age Discovery


On Wednesday, Year 4 were delighted to hear the news that Miss Allen had stumbled across a Stone Age axe in the forest area. With our reporter pens in hand, we headed down to check it out and interview Miss Allen to find out all the details! Next week in English, we will be writing our very own newspaper articles reporting everything that we found out.

Science Day


This year's science day was all about growth. We took part in 3 different experiments and had great fun! We grew a rainbow, our own crystals and made a balloon inflate using a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It was a fantastic scientific day and we all learnt so much! 



We conducted an interesting experiment to show the different effects that drinks have on our teeth. We used an egg to represent teeth and we placed them in different drinks. After a few days, we took the eggs out of the drinks and compared them to an egg that hadn't been placed in a drink. The results were not what we were expecting and it highlighted the importance of caring for our teeth through brushing and visiting the dentist. It was an EGGciting EGGperiment!

Stone Age Cave painting


We have really enjoyed beginning to learn about the Stone Age and have already looked at how the Stone Age was different to modern day. This week, we looked at how Stone Age people communicated. We found out that they had a very limited vocabulary and mainly used pictures to communicate with each other. We were then set the challenge to communicate in this way. We had to tell a Stone Age story or create a Stone Age scene using cave paintings and our partner had to try to work out what we were representing. There were so many fantastic drawings!

Safer, Fitter Greener


We took part in an online road safety workshop. We learnt all about the different crossing that we can use and Andrew reminded us how to use them safely. We then had a few travel missions to complete. We first had to map out journeys that children would use to get to school and identify the crossing they would use. We then to give advice to characters that needed help with alternative ways to travel. We had a great time working through our booklets and it was great to refresh our memory on these very important issues.

Environment Week in Year 4!


Our focus for this week has been based around the ocean. We have been learning all about The Great Barrier Reef and the impact our choice and actions has on it.


In English, we have been learning about how coral gets its colour and what it needs to survive. We have learnt that due to global warming and our oceans getting hotter, coral bleaching is happening. We have written letters to Boris Johnson highlighting these issues and giving some possible solutions.


In science, we looked at ocean food chains. We learnt that the food chains are often complex food webs. We had a go at creating our own food webs. It was very tricky!


In art, we have been using watercolour to create washes for backgrounds. We then looked at pictures of coral and used a range of materials and poster paint to add coral to our ocean scenes.  


In maths, we have been looking at presenting data. We created a pictogram on how many species of marine animals are left in the wild. Some of the results shocked us!

An alarm system for an Ancient Egyptian pyramid


In DT, we have been planning, designing and creating an ancient Egyptian pyramid with an alarm system to protect all the treasures inside. We started off by brainstorming a few different designs and then chose a final one. We made the structures by drawing and cutting out the net of a square-based pyramid on card. We then used our science knowledge to create electrical circuits for the alarm to go inside. Every alarm contained a switch and when turned on by the intruder on entry to the pyramid, the circuit would either set off a motor with a propeller, buzzer or light depending on each group’s chosen design. We finished projects were brilliant!

Dogs Trust visit


We had a visit from the Dogs Trust and learned all about how to keep safe around dogs. We were taught many new facts about a dogs senses and how this helps them understand the world around them. We also found out different ways to care for our dogs to ensure that they are happy and well looked after. 

PE - Tag Rugby


We are lucky enough to have the sports coaches this term and have been focusing on improving our tag rugby skills. We have been looking at developing our passing skills and thinking about the importance of spacing.

Our Christmas evening


To celebrate Christmas at Abbotswood, all year groups stayed for a late night treat. We made ourselves comfy, watched a Christmas film, drank milkshake and ate cookies and popcorn. We were then lucky enough to get a visit and gift from Santa! 



Year 4 always love going into the computer suite. This week, we continued to practise our coding skills and created our own games on Espresso Coding.

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm


To end our Dangerous and Deadly topic, we went on a trip to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Although it was a very rainy day, we all had an amazing time! We got to see some fantastic animals up close including some deadly ones, learned some interesting facts and even came face to face with a rhino!   

Forest School


Take a look at our fantastic forest school pictures. We had a great time exploring the area with Mrs Millman. We tested our teamwork skills when den building, our creativity skills in the mud kitchen and our artistic skills when berry painting. We also had a go at pond dipping and tree climbing. Some of us attempted to get in and stay in a hammock. It is much trickier than it looks!