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Being a historian at Abbotswood

Rational (Intent)

At Abbotswood we are all historians! We learn about the past from The Stone Age to recent memories through an enquiry based curriculum. We use this knowledge to help us understand how people and communities have shaped the world in which we live. To investigate history, we use a range of sources, artefacts and evidence within our lessons. To further enhance our children’s education, we aim to provide a variety of cultural experiences throughout their time at Abbotswood linking to the history curriculum.

How We Teach History (Implementation)

At Abbotswood, we use our enquires to exposes children to the history curriculum.  Historical knowledge and skills are taught through the enquiry lessons where children are immersed in experiences such as using sources, artefacts, trips and visitors. They will also have opportunities to research and ask questions to support their understanding. In addition to this, cross-curricular links are made where appropriate to enrich our children’s learning and experiences.


At Abbotswood we support our learners to:

  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of people and events from a range of historical periods.
  • Research independently and in-depth including through home learning tasks.
  • Present their finding in a variety of ways including through home learning tasks.
  • Develop a passion and enthusiasm of history.
  • Develop an understanding of the past and be able to explain the impact
  • Develop critical thinking through analysing the reliability of sources and understand that the past can be represent in different ways

How History is Assessed at Abbotswood (Impact)


The subject leader monitors the coverage of skills and knowledge to ensure that they are taught simultaneously through learning walks, book scrutiny, pupil voice and planning overviews.


For each topic, specific objectives are identified and  highlighted on the history progression document. Class teachers also complete an assessment tracker twice a year which identifies children’s attainment and engagement levels.

History Learning at Abbotswood

Please take a look at our photo gallery to see our fantastic history learning across the year groups at Abbotswood.

History learning in Reception!

History learning in KS1!

History learning in KS2 - Year 3 and 4!

History learning in KS2 - Year 5 and 6!

If you have any questions regarding History or Geography at Abbotswood or would like to share some ideas that would support our teaching and provision of these subjects, please contact Miss Jones who is the subject leader.