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2019-20 ARCHIVED Reception Barn Owl and Tawny Owl

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the class page for Barn Owls and Tawny Owls.  Here you will find our newsletters, information about upcoming events, our reading challenge and photographs of our learning.


Please come and speak to your child's class teacher if ever you have any questions about our learning in school and ways you can support at home.


Tawny Owls: Mrs Williamson (Monday-Thursday), Mrs Whiteman (Friday)

Barn Owls: Mrs Smith

EYFS Teaching Assistants: Miss Stanton (Monday - Friday mornings, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons), Mrs Robinson (Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoon) 


Learning Dinosaurs

In Reception, we are thinking about how we learn.  We use the Learning Dinosaurs to help us do this.  Each of the Learning Dinosaurs is linked to the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  The children think about how they like to learn and what skills they are developing.  

Phoneme Pronunciation

A clear understanding of phonics can really help your child when learning to read and write. It is important to know how to pronounce the phonemes (the sounds the letters make) correctly. Click on the video below to have a look at this useful guide.

Read Write Inc. Phonemes Pronunciation Guide DVD

Ruth Miskin shows you why pronouncing sounds in a 'pure' way is the most effective for teaching children how to read. You can find out more about Ruth's approach at and Find Read Write Inc.

RWI Phonics Sounds Sets

Here you will find a copy of the three Read Write Inc sets and the order in which we teach phonics along with the captions the children like to use to remind them of the correct pronunciation of the sounds.  
Term 4

Learning during self isolation

We have been keeping calm by taking part in yoga sessions.  

Rugby Coaches

We had a tag rugby session where we learnt lots of skills! We especially liked 'fast feet'!!

Buddy Reading

We have started Buddy reading with Year 5.  We will share stories each week and have our own buddy to read to.

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a great half term?  This is going to be a busy term adn the children will be learning new skills and putting in practice what they have already been taught.

Our first week back involved learning all about Pancakes.  We talked about Lent and looked at how this is celebrated around the world.  We made and ate pancakes and wrote our own stories about a runaway pancake.

Term 3


This week has been children's mental health week and we have been thinking about this and 'finding our brave'.  We shared the story of 'Supertato' and talked about how he was brave saving the veggies from the Evil Pea!  We dressed as a superhero and wrote about a time when we had been brave.  Isn't our writing amazing!?
Learning all about tens and ones!  We made teens numbers using two pieces of numicon.  The children are using the language of tens and ones and were able to order numbers.
Exploring the loose parts area outside! We have had Queens, builders and cake makers this week!  What will there be next week?  Let your imagination grow!
Can you subitise?  We have been practising our quick recognition of regular and irregular arrangements up to 6.
We have been learning about the North and South poles and have shared the story 'Hiku'.  We used brushes to free the frozen arctic animals (developing our muscles!) and found ice that looked like a monster footprint and the number 7!
It was lovely to see so many parents come into class last week to see how their children are learning to write.  We had lots of activities out that show how we are developing children's gross and fine motor skills as well as how we develop the process of writing. Thank you to all those that could make it and if you have any more questions about learning in EYFS, please come and ask one of the teachers.
Term 2
We have been learning about what makes a good friend.  As part of our home learning we made a friendship card for someone in the class.  We have also been making cards in school for our friends.
We have been thinking about help to help others.  We have brought in donations from home that have been sent to our local food bank.
We were really excited to have the children back in school this week.  We have spent time thinking about Remembrance Day and learnt about the purple poppy to remember animals lost during conflict.

Term 1

Smashing Pumpkins!

The children helped make Pumpkin soup this week.  Nearly everyone tried some once it was cooked, but not everybody liked it!!

We introduced the children to tools this week and they learnt how to use hammers safely.  They practised this by hammering golf tees into pumpkins!

Thank you for the fantastic home learning sent in this week!  The children found lots of numbers and letters in the environment!
We have had fun learning all about Autumn this week and went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds.  We found lots of leaves of many colours and sizes. We shared the story of Leaf Man and made our own leaf men and thought about where Leaf Man could go on another adventure!

Wonderful writing!!

Today was a good day when someone received their first Head teacher sticker for fantastic writing!

Grandparents' Day celebration!

We had a busy afternoon on Monday when our Grandparent's came in to find out about what we have been doing whilst we have been at school.  We were so pleased to see so many come and share this time and we all had a really fun afternoon.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

The children have been ordering numbers to ten and matching each number to the corresponding piece of numicon.

The fun carries on!  This week the children have been exploring the outside area and making soup in the mud kitchen.  We have been counting and learning all about numbers using the numberblocks.  Children are starting to make thier own numberblocks and have been counting carefully.

Reading and Phonics workshop 2019


Thank you to all the parents who came to our workshop to find out about how the children will be learning in school and ways to support at home.

Please see the powerpoint below for further information.

Week two already and the children are learning so much!! Thye have been developing their fine motor skills using small parts to follow patterns, cutting out shapes with scissors and picking up objects with tweezers.  They have also been measuring, sharing stories adn most importantly having fun and making friends!
A big welcome to our children and their families who have started school this week and have been busy getting to know each otehr and our school.  Here are just a few pictures to show some of the things we have been up to!
Term 6
We have had our Graduation to mark the end of our time in Reception.  We invited in our families and shared biscuits we had made, sang songs and retold a story using makaton actions.
Professor Emily from Mini Explorers came to talk to us about the Lunar landing that happened 50 years ago.  We learnt about the phases of the moon and how craters are formed.
It has been really exciting in Reception this week!  Producers from CBeebies came to film us and we could end up being filmed for a new TV show!  We had to talk about where we go for walks outside and what sorts of things we see.
Our stage area included props to retell the story of Whatever Next! Would you like to go to the moon?!
It has been Sports Week in school this week.  We have completed the daily mile and took part in Sports day and lots of activities to keep ourselves healthy.  On Thursday we had rode our bikes and scooters on the playground. 
We have been learning about The Gingerbread Man.  We made some gingerbread men after reading the recipe carefully.  Luckily, none of them ran away!!  When we went outside, we drew around our shadows to make giant gingerbread men!

We went on a Bear Hunt around school.  We read the clues and followed instructions until we found .....A BEAR!!!!

We had a teddy bears picnic with our teddies inside the bear cave! 

Term 5

Windmill Hill City Farm

Reception children went on their first school trip to Windmill Hill City Farm in Bedminster.  Whilst the weather could have been warmer, the children had a fantastic time and were praised by the staff for their excellent behaviour and good manners.  We were able to hold and feed animals like guinea pigs, sheep and chickens.  We collected eggs from hens were able to taste different plants and flowers that were growing in the allotment.  We even found Stick Man!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have been learning all about the very hungry caterpillar.  We have been thinking about halving and quartering when sharing the food he eats.  It has been nice and sunny so far this term and we have been getting ready for planting outside.  We have spent lots of time in our digging area.

Our learning has been based around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been measuring our feet and the giant's foot and comparing sizes.  In our number learning we have been grouping objects into 2's, 5's and 10's and have been ordering numbers. 

In out outside area, wee are growing our own beans, potatoes and tomatoes.  We have been taking care of the plants and are watering them daily. 

Term 4
We have ended our term with an Easter bonnet parade.  The children looked amazing and put in such a lot of effort making them.
We love to read in Reception!!
It's been all about dinosaurs in Reception for the past couple of weeks!  We have been learning dinosaur names as well as what it means to be a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.Our dinosaur themed small world role play was really popular and we even wrote about what we thought it would be like if the dinosaurs came back.
It has been British Science Week this week and we have taken part in assemblies and workshops.  In our workshop we made sherbert to take home and did an experiment with lemonade and mints!  The mints made the lemonade explode into the air and some of us got wet as the lemonade went everywhere!!!!

'Stay and Science'

Lots of adults came to our 'Stay and Science' session on Friday morning. We talked about sunflowers. We learnt about the life cycle of a sunflower, we talked about what plants need to grow. We also planted sunflower seeds and predicted what we thought it would look like when it is fully grown. 

World Book Day!

We celebrated World Book Day sharing our favourite stories and dressing up as our favourite characters!

We share lots of Pete the Cat stories in our classes and the teacher's all dressed up as Pete the Cat! 

Welcome back!  It's hard to believe we are already halfway through the school year!  We have been so impressed the children's progress and would like to thank all the parents for their support at home.  It really does make a big difference.

Our first week back has been filled with lots of Pancake themed activities.  We have shared the story of The Runaway Pancake and have made and eaten pancakes.  We have a role play cafe where we ordered and paid for pancakes.  The children used numicon and money to find their totals and have been learning all about counting on.

The weather has been unseasonably sunny and we have been cleaning and preparing our outside area.  We are going to be planting and growing a variety of vegetables in the next term.

Term 3
We have been reading The Great Pet Sale and have been using money to pay for some of the animals.  We have used numicon and coins to find different ways of making the same amount.
We have made the most of the cold weather this week and had our own slush kitchen!
We have shared the story of Hiku this week and the children have been learning the name of places in the World.  They have been talking about where they have been on holiday and we have looked them up on a globe.  We looked at the poles and have been thinking about what it would be like to live somewhere really cold.  We explored ice and talked about the changes when it melts. 
Welcome back and Happy New Year to our children and families!  We have had a busy week in our first week back and have been sharing the story of Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.  We have played subtraction smash and skittles when learning about subtraction and have played lots of games to reinforce our high frequency word knowledge.
We are developing our music area in the Reception unit.  The children have enjoyed making music and singing 'Baby Shark'!

Term 2

We have been busy getting ready for our Nativity production of 'Away in a Manger'.  Don't we look amazing!! We have learnt lots of songs and makaton actions to help retell the story.
Roz from the Road Safety team came and share a story about how to keep safe when we are crossing the road.

Welcome back to Term 2!

We started our learning this week by thinking about Remembrance day.  Our Arts Week creations were all linked to Poppies.

Reading and Phonics Workshop

September 2018


We had a workshop for our parents explaining how we teach reading and phonics in school.  We also suggested ways to support at home.


Please click on the link for the PowerPoint for more information.  

Induction fun!

We have been really proud of how well the children have settled into Abbotswood!  They have been learning where to put their belongings and have been making friends.  They have been exploring the Reception unit inside and outside.  One of their favourite activities has been role playing a McDonald's drive thru! Watch this space for this being explored further in the next few weeks! 

Fine motor skills