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Rationale (Intent)


Science is a key core subject of the curriculum. At Abbotswood Primary School, we aim to create a sense of excitement and passion about the subject. Our children thoroughly enjoy their Science lessons, especially practical, investigative work. We believe it is important for teachers to develop pupils’ curiosity, enjoyment, skills and a growing understanding of scientific knowledge through an approach whereby children raise questions and investigate the world in which they live.  As well as teaching the foundational subject knowledge, we also teach our children key scientific enquiry skills. We encourage them to explain what is happening, predict what might happen, analyse their findings and present them in appropriate ways. We want our children to remember their science lessons in our school, embrace the scientific opportunities they are presented with and develop and use their science knowledge and understand how science impacts our lives and the future.


How We Teach Science at Abbotswood (Implementation)


At Abbotswood, science is taught once a week and a new science topic is started each term. Science skills are built upon and developed throughout the key stages. Skills are developed step by step by building on prior knowledge. For example, 'plants' are taught in KS1, taught again in Lower Key Stage 2 and again in Upper Key Stage 2. Each time, learning is built upon and new skills are introduced to progress understanding further. This is the same for enquiry based learning. Working scientifically is a key part of science learning and the skills needed to carry out a range of investigations are developed throughout each year group at Abbotswood.


How Science is Assessed at Abbotswood (Impact)


The subject leader monitors the coverage of skills and knowledge to ensure that they are taught simultaneously through learning walks, book scrutiny, pupil voice and planning overviews. For each topic, specific objectives are identified and highlighted on the science progression documents.  Class teachers also complete an assessment tracker twice a year which identifies attainment and engagement levels.




Science Week and Science Club at Abbotswood


To co-inside with British Science Week, at Abbotswood we hold our own science week. Here, the children have the opportunity to carry out various hands-on investigations and experiments, as well as watch fantastic science shows. As well as this, we love to hold a science club one term a year where children get the opportunity to continue the fun at an after-school club.


If you have any further questions about science at Abbotswood Primary, please feel free to contact Miss Smith, our science leader.

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