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2019-20 ARCHIVED Year 1 and 2 Foxes, Badgers and Squirrels

Welcome to Year 1 and 2


Here you will find all of the termly homework and newsletters for Foxes, Badgers and Squirrels classes, as well as information about some of the exciting activities that we have been doing in school. Children will be given spelling and Maths homework on a weekly basis and we ask that parents hear their children read  at least 4 times a week, as we see the best progress in those children who read regularly at home with an adult.

Many thanks for your support in helping your child improve.


Miss Davies - Squirrels (Year 1)

Mrs Risdale and Mrs Winstone - Badgers (Year 1 and 2)

Miss Short - Foxes (Year 2)


Keep up to date with what we’re up to by regularly visiting our class page! 

Recreating Van Gogh’s boat on a beach in topic - March 2020

In our topic lessons we’ve been learning about van gogh’s painting called ‘Boats on the beach’. We have recreated it using collage, drawing and sketching skills. 

Did the ferocious wolf visit Abbotswood? March 2020

A visit from the Dogs Trust.


Children were lucky enough to have a visit from the Dogs Trust this week.  Helen introduced Daisy to the children and they were able to act out different scenarios focused on how to stay safe around dogs.  Helen ensured all the children understood that it is not always appropriate to approach a dog, even if it looks friendly.  Children and adults must ask the owner first and wait for an answer.  Not only did Helen tell the children about how to stay safe when out and about with dogs, but she also discussed how to keep safe in the home. Children really enjoyed learning how to be DOG SMART! 

English BIG BANG! A visit to Grandma’s house.


Year 2 were shocked to discover a letter from a boy called Tom Red.  We took a short stroll into the hall and found some of mum’s famous ginger beer and some juicy red apples.  We felt it only appropriate to try it all! Some of us really loved the taste of the fizzy ginger beer, whilst others of us did not like it at all. When back in class, we discussed adjectives that we could use to describe the flavour all of the foods.

Our amazing 'Cracking Inventions' topic home learning - February 2020

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - February 2020


The children recently went on a trip to the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  They had the opportunity to explore the dry dock, the inside of the ship, the museums and take a stroll across the bridge. The children had a great day, even if we did have to dodge the showers!


The next day we wrote all about our fun adventure - see the pictures of us writing below. 😁😁😁😁😁

Our dreams and goals garden - February 2020

This term in PSHE, we have been discussing our dreams and goals. We talked about our long term and short term goals. We even thought about how we could achieve them. We created our garden by writing our dreams and goals onto a bird and then displaying them in our outdoor area. 

Feb - KS1 have been learning to 'FIND THEIR BRAVE' during mental health week.

Year 2 exchanging 10 ones for a tens diene - January 2020

Today in year 2, we’ve been learning what happens when there are more than 9 ones in the ones column. We learnt that we must swap or exchange the 10 ones for a tens diene. We used our place value chart to help us organise our tens and ones.

Practicing our sketching skills - January 2020

Direction and movement! - January 2020


The children in Year  2 have been exploring position, direction and movement. Today, we looked at turns; quarter, half, three quarter and whole.  The children have also explored clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.


Still image for this video

Money, money, money! - January 2020

In maths we’ve been learning about money and working on finding different ways to make the same amount. We also did some adding and subtracting of money. Here is some of our fab learning. 

Our own cracking inventions - January 2020

In topic this week, we made our own cracking inventions. What do you think?

Our new topic, Cracking Inventions - January 2020

This term’s topic is ‘Cracking Inventions’ and we started the topic off by looking at lots things that some of us had never seen before. Here are some pictures of us trying to work out what some our the items were. We looked at records and a record player, an old telephone, an old radio and an overhead projector. 

A lovely end to the term, singing carols around the Christmas tree followed by a treat and a dance - December 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year! - December 2019


We have been busy bees this week!  In Maths we have made melting snowman biscuits and in English we have been writing letters to Santa! We made sure we used capital letters for proper nouns and commas in a list.  Santa will soon be busy reading all of the children's letters ready to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas everyone!

Making Christingles in R.E - December 2019

In R.E we were learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas and we made our own christingles. We learnt about what each part represents. The orange is the world, the candle is the light of Jesus Christ and the sweets are gods creations. We had lots of fun making them! 

Year 1 and 2 Medieval Christmas workshop - December 2019

Today we had a lady from Winterbourne Medieval barn who came in to teach us about the how people in Medieval times would have celebrated Christmas. She told us how lots of the traditions we now, would have been very different 650 years ago. Instead of turkey, they had a wild boars head! Instead of watching our favourite Christmas films they would have watched plays put on by actors. We got to make our own wreaths which we have displayed in our classrooms and we even learnt a song that they would have sang at the dinner table on Christmas Day. 

Kings and Queens Art - Squirrels - December 2019

Fantastic Term 2 homework! - December 2019

This term we have been learning about Kings and Queens.  Check out some of Year 1/2 homework.  I think that we can all agree that they are all amazing!

Year 2 Science - understanding irreversible changes of solids - November 2019

This term in Science, we learnt about how some materials can change shape by squashing or bending them and then they return to their prior shape. Today we looked at materials that when altered do not return to their original state. We broke up solid crayons and put them into an ice cube mould. Then we melted them in the oven so the solid crayon turned into a liquid. When it cooled it the returned into a solid and we had made a new rainbow crayon. 🤗 We had a lot of fun! 

The Queen's recipe book! - November 2019


The Queen left her recipe book for all of KS1 to have a look at!  Inside were lots of wonderful recipes on how to cook using peas.  These included Pea and Raspberry Jelly,  Pea Cake and Pea and Strawberry Tart.  We decided to make the Queen's favourite recipe - Pea and Raspberry Jelly. Yummy!

Foxes and Badgers learning new vocabulary - November 2019

In English today, we were introduced to our new ‘model of excellence’. We read it through together and found there were lots of new word in it. We talked about what each word meant and then matched the definition with the correct word. 

Squirrels are royalty! Today we wrote some interesting letters to Queen Elizabeth II asking her questions about her life - November 2019

Y1 and Y3 - Yoga session! They worked superb in their partners and kept themselves super calm -November 2019

PSHE Y1 - What does it mean to be successful? - November 2019

Superhero Training...

Still image for this video

Superheroes Assemble in Year 1 and 2!! A great end to our AMAZING topic - October 2019

Practicing our Tag rugby skills - October 2019

Year 1 and 2 have been enjoying coding in computing this week! - October 2019

Squirrels - Superhero Homework! - October 2019

Preparing wheels for our vehicles! - October 2019

Building and testing out our vehicles in year 2 - October 2019

Squirrels and Badgers - DT Vehicles Official Testing For Our Superheroes! - October 2019

Congratulations to Lola Ferris Gardner for having the best designed car that managed to beat all of the other Y1's in the race! Everyone else had designed their cars beautifully and we had some interesting outcomes! Abhay came second and Liv came third in the race too.

Amazing Homework! - October 2019

The children in Year 1 and 2 have been busy bees!  Just look at these pieces of homework.

Building bridges in Science - October 2019


In Science today we experimented with making bridges out of Lego and paper. The Lego was used for the supports and then we were given one piece of paper to try to make as strong as possible. First, we tried laying it on top but it wouldn’t hold very many cubes. Then we tried 2 pieces of paper but this still was not strong enough. Our teacher then told us how corrugated cardboard was made and this gave us an idea! We folded our piece of paper so it became a concertina. This made it much stronger and was able to hold many cubes.

What's in the parcel? - October 2019


The children were surprised to see a parcel left in the classroom.   They had no idea where it had come from.  The children discussed what it might be and what was inside it.  They decided that it would be a great idea to open it, so we played pass the parcel. Inside each layer was a clue.  The clues were about a book.  Finally, the children made predictions and listened to the story.

Look at the amazing Sukkah shelter building work that took place in Year 1 and 2 this week in RE! - September 2019

Year One have loved learning about the continents this term - Check out our beautiful landscapes! Can you guess which continents we focused on? - September 2019

Our first piece of topic homework in Year One - Keira's masterpiece! - September 2019

P.S.H.E in Year 2 - Jigsaw Jo helping us with our learning - September 2019

SUPERHEROS have arrived at Abbotswood - September 2019

This afternoon the Year 2 children made superheroes from lollipop sticks and found materials. The children then thought about what characteristics made a good superhero and wrote them down.  Finally, the children linked their Topic and their English learning by writing sentences using the conjunction ‘and’ and ‘but’.


Capital letters are definitely more fun when playdough is involved! - Squirrel Class - September 2019

Year 2 place value learning - September 2019

Alfie's AMAZING holiday home learning! :) - September 2019

Alfie brought in this brilliant carousel that he made with a little help from his Grandad. If you turn the handle the horses move around. The children and myself had great fun listening to Alfie tell us how he made it. Well done Alfie (and Grandad)!

Squirrel Class revealing their incredible acting skills! I was blown away! - September 2019

Super Science in Foxes and Badgers classes - September 2019

In Science this week, we have been learning about the properties of materials and thinking about why different materials are used to make different objects. We had to think about why a baby or child would use a plastic cup and an adult would use a one made of glass.  

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Super Squirrels take over! - September 2019

A fantastic start into Year 1 - Squirrel Class demonstrating their incredible maths skills! - September 2019

Today we had some unwanted visitors! - September 2019

There was an emergency in the library and both year groups were called for help! To their surprise, they saw a huge mess left by some unwanted visitors... The children had to investigate and question why this happened and make their predictions. After reading the story - 'Send for a Superhero!' the children realised it was Filth and Vacuum!