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2019-20 ARCHIVED Year 3 Rabbits and Robins

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the Rabbit and Robins class page! Here you will find information for the term, including topic newsletters and homework, as well as any important letters. You will be able to see all of the exciting things we have been up to in class. Take a look!

Miss Jolliffe and Miss Jones

American Road Trip! 

Home Learning!

Please see below documents to support learning from home.

Art and Science Week


This week, we have been taking part National Science Week. This year's theme is Our Diverse Planet, and with this in mind, each year group has based their art and science on a different continent. Year 3 have been learning all about South America! Some of this week's work includes creating own own versions of Frida Kahlo's self-portrait work, compiling the South American flags to recreate the shape of the continent, creating our own sand paper covered with sketches of desert animals and making colourful, textured llama pictures!


We also took part in four different science workshops with the Year 3 and 4 teachers. We combined science and art to create magnetic paint pictures and used absorbant materials to replicate clouds and the colour wheel.


Take a look at our amazing art and science work below!

Double page spreads


This week, we have been learning all about double page spreads, and how we can be really creative when it comes to displaying our learning. Take a look at our fantastic Stone Age information texts below! 

Cave paintings


This term in Art, we have been learning how to recreate cave paintings using different materials. For a couple of sessions, we experimented with different mediums on sheets of leather before deciding on our final equipment and design. They came out brilliantly!

Digestion experiment


This term, in Science we have been learning all about teeth and digestion. This week, we recreated the first stage of digestion: the mouth! We used a sandwich bag to replicate the mouth, water for saliva and our hands became the teeth. We then 'ate' a biscuit to see what would happen. Take a look a the lovely looking results below!

Terrific teeth!


This term, we have been learning about how to look after our teeth in our Science lessons. Today, we tested out different liquids to see the effects which certain drinks might have on our teeth. We used an egg to represent the enamel on the outside of our teeth, then we left the 'teeth' in the liquid for a few days. Our results showed that fizzy drinks and fruit juice had the greatest impact on the egg - meaning that the same changes could happen to our teeth if we don't look after them properly!

Egyptian Art


Take a look at our amazing Egyptian pharaoh masks that we have been making in Art! We have been learned how to use different materials to create texture. 

An Egyptian discovery


This week, we discovered an Egyptian tomb in school! We became archaeologists like the great Howard Carter himself and explored our findings. We then wrote a diary entry as Mr Carter on the evening of his groundbreaking discovery!

Agility testing


The coaches from Bristol Sport worked across lots of year groups this week to put us through our paces at a range of different activities. Each station focused on a different skill, including a standing long jump, target throw, speed run and a one handed catch. We showed great teamwork and encouragement of others. smiley

Making 3D shapes


In maths, we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We had a go at making a variety of 3D shapes using jelly beans to represent the vertices and cocktail sticks as the edges! laugh

Making electricity!


This term, in Science, we have been learning all about electricity. This week, we created simple circuits using bulbs, wires and cells. We learned that unless a circuit is complete it will not work as the electricity cannot flow continuously. 



Remembrance Art


In art, we have been learning how to use different textures and materials to create collages. Take a look at our beautiful Remembrance collages below. smiley



Year 3 and 4 had a great day out at Longleat to understand more about deadly and dangerous animals and their habitats! We explored the Animal Kingdom, Koala Creek as well as the world famous safari! We also took part in a workshop where we were able to meet some of the park's most interesting creatures, including a snake, armadillo and a cockroach, and learned how they are adapted to their habitats! 

How to Capture a Wolf


As part of our English unit, we will be writing instructions about how to capture the wolves which take over Lucy's house in Wolves in the Walls! Some include using jam as bait, trapping the wolves under football nets or playing Dad's favourite tuba to lure the wolves into the garden! Have a look at our amazingly imaginative plans below!

En Francais


In French, this week, Rabbit class have been learning the numbers 0 to 5 in French! We used our newly learned French numbers to answer some worded additions and subtraction calculations! laugh



This term, Rabbits and Robins are lucky enough to have netball lessons each week from the Bristol Sports coaches. We're showing great teamwork skills and our hand eye coordination is improving every week! yes

During our English lessons, we have been studying at Wolves in the Walls. We have been learning to use commas in a list to add description to characters.  We then used a thesaurus to up-level our adjectives. laugh




During the first week of the year, we have been thinking a lot about our dreams and goals for year 3. We also discussed how dream catchers can help take away bad dreams! Have a look at our amazing creations below! smiley



An unexpected discovery!


Just as we were about to begin our first English lesson this term, we found out that a mysterious discovery had landed in the Wildlife Area! We went out to explore what it could be. We were very excited to discover a taped off area with all sorts of metal pieces inside! We gathered up what we could find and tried to work our together what it may be! Lots of us thought it could be an alien spaceship wreck, or a crashed airplane! When we went back into class, Miss Jolliffe received an URGENT email containing a poster describing a strange creature which was last seen flying towards Bristol. We had found the Iron Man!!! surprise

Roman Shields

To celebrate the end of our Rotten Romans topic, we designed and created our own Roman shields! We made sure the designs were symmetrical, just like the real ones!

Lights, Camera, Action!


This term, Year 3 and 4 have been rehearsing our production, Victorian Villainy, ready to perform to our family and friends! We have been working SO hard, here are some pictures of our dress rehearsal to the whole school! smiley

Typing pros!


This afternoon, Rabbit class were practising their typing skills using Dance Mat Typing. We learned how to use both hands whilst typing, rather than just one finger! We will build on our skills each week and at the end of term we will put our skills into practise by typing up some of our favourite pieces of writing from term 4. 

Science Week


This week we have taken part in lots of different science experiments to celebrate National Science Week!

We started our week by having a rocket launch! We investigated whether or not the size of the rocket affects the height that it flies. We designed fins for our rockets in teams and we were ready for take off! We learned that the bigger rockets (bottles!) flew much higher as the air pressure is greater. 

We had a visit from the Fizz Pop team who taught us all about electricity!
We made our own lava by using water, oil, food colouring and salt. The oil floated on top of the water as it is lighter and the salt sunk to the bottom as it is heavier. The salt then dissolved and floated back to the top, taking some oil and food colouring with it! This gave a lava effect. 

World Book Day


We had a brilliant World Book Day this year! We dressed up as our favourite characters, heard stories read by other teachers and paired up with Reception for some buddy reading! Take a look at all of great costumes below. 



Life in the Workhouse


Today, we were introduced to our new topic, 'Who Were The Victorians?' 

We began exploring our topic in English, where we read our new model of excellence, which is based on an extract from Oliver Twist. We learned what life would have been like for Oliver and the other orphans be recreating a workhouse. Boys and girls were separated and were made to carry out long, difficult tasks in silence for hours on end! We then thought about what life may have been like for those children.


Edible Earth!


As part of our learning all about rocks in science, we recreated the different layers of the Earth using (mostly) edible materials! We used ketchup to represent the mantle at the centre of the Earth, a biscuit for the crust, broken chocolate buttons for the bedrock, Kit Kats for the rocky soil, hot chocolate powder as the clay, crushed bourbon biscuits for the topsoil and real grass for the grass! 


Did you know that the Earth's crust is up to 90km thick?


Fossil hunters!


As part of our science focus on rocks, year 3 have been learning how fossils are formed. To explore this for ourselves, we made our own versions of natural molds that are left behind after the remains of an animal or plant are weighed down by sediment over thousands of years. To do this, we used bread to represent the sediment and jelly beans to represent animal remains. We placed the jelly beans inside (like a jelly bean sandwich!) and left them with heavy weights on over the weekend. When we opened them up we discovered that a natural mold created by the jelly beans was left behind, much like when the remains of an animal or plant rots away over time. 

Earthquake explorers!


This afternoon, in our geography lesson, year 3 learned how earthquakes are formed by the sudden movement of the earth's tectonic plates. We recreated the destruction of an earthquake by making our own wobble boards using card, tennis balls and elastic bands. As soon as the card (tectonic plate) began to move, our buildings began to topple! 

Rock detectives!


In Science, we have been investigating the properties of rocks through a series of tests. We investigated durability though a scratch test, permeability via a drip test and density by testing whether the rock floated. We discovered that chalk would be the worst material for building a roof as it is impermeable so you would get very wet inside! 

Equivalent fractions


Today, we worked with a partner to create equivalent fractions using Play-doh. We learned that equivalent fractions are fractions with different numerators and denominators but are worth the same amount! Take a look at our equivalent fractions below:

Packing the essentials!


This term, our text for English, Flood, focuses on a family who are forced to pack up their things and flee their home before a huge storm arrives. To empathise with the characters in the story, we worked with a partner to decide on the ten most important things we would take with us if we were in the same situation. 



Today, we made traditional Christingles to celebrate Christmassmiley

Festive maths!


Today, Rabbit class made paper chains as a way to practise our times tables. We used each colour to represent our 'groups of' to solve times table problems! And also made some great decorations at the same time!



This afternoon, Rabbit class continued with our coding lessons. This week, we were set the challenge of retelling the story, Jack and the Beanstalk, using our coding skills. We had to make instructions to move our Jack character up the beanstalk to retrieve the treasure. This put everything we have learned this term into practise!


Still image for this video

En Francais


Today, Rabbit class have been practising numbers to ten in French. We challenged our partner to answer some additions and subtractions, making sure they answered in French!


Times table practise


In year 3, we have been learning about the importance of times tables. This week, we have been practising our 3 times table. As an end of week treat, we played a board game to put our knowledge into practise. We had to prove that we had the correct answer by showing our workings in our jotters before our partner took their turn. smiley