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2019-20 ARCHIVED Year 4 Deer and Bats

Welcome to Year 4


Welcome to Deer class page. Here you will find information for the term: newsletters, topic homework and letters. You will also be able to see all the amazing things we have been learning. We can't wait to share them all with you! 

 Miss Smith and Mr Edwards 

Home Learning


Please see documents below to help support learning at home.

Our intestine experiment


Today, year 4 bats recreated what happens inside our intestines. We did this with tights (representing our intestines) and porridge (representing our broken down food, from our stomachs). We squeezed out the water and nutrients like the muscles in our intestines do. 

Our Stone Age discovery


Year 4 made an incredible discovery this week. We went out to the woods today and discovered a Stone-age tool. We were able to have a look at it before it was taken away to be examined by the Bristol Museum. Here are some of our photos when we were finding out about this incredible discovery.

                               Deer Class Christmas Hats!

Year 3/4 Tomb Raiders!


This week, Year 3 and 4 made an incredible find - an Ancient Egyptian tomb! It was just like Howard Carter’s tomb discovery in 1922. Torches in hand, we crawled into the tomb and discovered ‘wonderful things’. Inside, we saw a mummy in a sarcophagus along with his Canopic jars, found lots of statues of different gods, attempted to read hieroglyphics engraved on the walls and discovered magnificent treasure!


What an amazing way to finish off our topic on the ancient Egyptians!

Year 4 Bats: Egyptian Death Masks

Year 4 Bats have worked extremely hard to create their very own Egyptian death masks. It is the first time that they have used papier mache. They used both spray paints and acrylic paints to complete a great job.

                                      Egyptian Day!


On Friday 8th November, Year 3 and 4 had an Ancient Egyptian day to celebrate their new topic. They had so much fun wrapping each up as mummies, making mini sarcophaguses and writing messages in hieroglyphics. Everyone looked absolutely amazing in their costumes too! A great start to the term!

Year 3/4 Trip to Longleat Safari Park


Year 3 and 4 had a great day out at Longleat to understand more about deadly and dangerous animals and their habitats! We explored the Animal Kingdom, Koala Creek as well as the world famous safari! We also took part in a workshop where we were able to meet some of the park's most interesting creatures, including a snake, armadillo and a cockroach, and learned how they are adapted to their habitats!

Classifying Animals


In science this week, we worked in partners to create our own classification keys. Each group was given a set of pictures of animals for different habitats. These environments ranged from artic to urban settings. We then thought carefully about how we could use questions to identify each individual animal.

                               Djembe Music Lessons

This term in music, Year 4 will be working with a music instructor called Silas and learning how to playing Djembes. Our first lesson certainly went off with a bang!

Science Week

Year 4 have had so much fun this week! We really enjoyed the 2 amazing science shows at the start of the week with Chemical Cress and Steff-iscope. Then we had our science workshop which was brilliant as we made sweets and experimented with colour changing liquids. One afternoon, one of our school governors, Ken, came in and helped us make rockets out of bottles which we were able to shoot into the sky using air and water! Throughout the week we have done lots of other activities including making paperclips float on water, creating parachutes to test and making electrical circuits for Lego houses. Thanks to all the parents who came along to our ‘Stay and Science’ too, we loved ‘scaring pepper’ with different types of materials.

World Book Day 2019

We had a great celebrating World Book Day. Here is a photo of all of Year 3 and 4 dressed up as book characters.

Science Rocks!

In science this week, we have been looking at the properties of rocks. We investigated each rock type and tested whether it was permeable, durable and how dense it was. We started by putting drops of water on the rock and checking to see whether the water had passed through it. After, we scratched its surface to see if we had be able to make a mark and then we tested to see if it would float by placing it in water. We experimented with a range of rocks including limestone, sandstone, chalk, slate and granite.

Jailbreak Festival


Last week, a team of year 4s took part in a local Jailbreak competition, organised by Bristol Sport. The children had an amazing morning where they represented the school brilliantly and showed strong teamwork and determination. They did not lose a single match, despite the zero degree weather! Well done to all!

Art Week

Year 4 have produced some incredible pieces of art work this week. One of our favourite pieces was a battlefield landscape picture created using charcoal. We also added some bright red poppies to it using cotton buds and paint.. We then created some still life drawings of real WW1 artefacts aswell as some beautiful sunset silhouette pictures and individually patterned poppies.

Chocoholics Homework

This term, we have had some absolutely fantastic pieces of homework! Here our some examples of the amazing chocolate cakes and models that were bought in.

Chocolate Making

Over the term, we have been designing our own chocolate bars. We carried out our own market research, decided on our own flavours and created our own, individual packaging. To end the term, we created our chocolate bars and packaged them in our own boxes.

Chocolate Tasting in English!

In English this week, we got the opportunity to taste different types of chocolate! The aim of the lesson was to make notes about how it looked, tasted, felt, smelt as well as how it made us feel. The following day, we turned all our ideas into similies ready to use in our poems at the end of the week. 

Year 3/4 Cadbury World Trip

Addition and Subtraction


To start of our addition and subtraction unit, we worked in table groups to brainstorm all the different vocabulary words associated with addition and subtraction. We then discussed what we knew about the unit already and what we had learnt about it in previous years.

States of Matter


In Science, we have been looking at the difference between solids, liquids and gases. To help our understanding, we ventured outside to act out the moving particles in each of the different states.



In today’s lesson, we were introduced to rounding! To help our understanding, we worked together in pairs and answered questions using our whiteboards. We began by using number lines and then had a go without. We even looked at some rhymes to help remind us whether we need to round a number up or down.