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2019-20 ARCHIVED Year 5 Otters



Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to our class page for Otters class. Here you'll find all the information for homework, newsletters and all of the other amazing things we have been doing in class. Keep a look out for the latest information and keep up to date with any exciting events that have happened at school! Children will be given their spellings on a weekly basis and tested on a Friday. We have a weekly battle of the bands on Times Tables Rockstars with MVP up for grabs! Homework will be given out at the beginning of each term - with weekly spelling homework. 


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if there is anything you need to discuss. Many thanks for your continued support. 


Mr Jelf - Class Teacher

Mrs Millman - Teaching Assistant 


I will try and keep this page updated with as much information as possible regarding how to educate your child at home!


We will continue to use all of the usual home learning websites - TTRockstars,, SpellingShed, Prodigy - so these would be a good place to start! Also READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! It is incredible to see the impact that this has! We are currently reading The Goldfish Boy (Lisa Thompson), as a class and reading The Witches (Roald Dahl).


As a school, we are trying to set up an online classroom (Seesaw) and I will post some information on how to set that up once I have got my head around it! It looks really good!


Mr Jelf

Home Learning!

Here are some examples of your incredible efforts at home!

Year 5 Great British Bake Off!

Draw with Rob Biddulph

VE Day

Some other amazing pieces of work!

World Book Day!

Year 5 were lucky enough to spend some time reading with our youngest members of the school on Thursday.


Beware - cute pictures coming up!

Art: YA visit - Rug Making

Jigsaw: Resilience Training

On Wednesday, Year 5 took part in the first session of resilience training. The children spoke about the 5 Ways To Wellbeing and designed their own superhero based on a strength of theirs.

English: The Lost Thing Display


Come and have a look at your children's work!

Jigsaw: Otters Class Helping The Global Community


As a school, we have been working hard to raise money to support the victims of the Australian bush fires. In our Jigsaw lessons, Year 5 have been creating posters to advertise how we can raise money.


It's not too late to donate!

Art: The Viewer

We have recently moved on to looking at The Viewer in English. In art lessons with Mrs Millman, the children have been designing their own 'eyes'.

English: The Lost Thing


The children have been writing extended narratives based around the book - The Lost Thing, by Shaun Tan. Here are a couple of examples of the children's work.

PE: Bristol Sport Gymnastics Coaching

English: Simile, Metaphor and Personification

Science: Gravity and Air Resistance


In Science this term we have been looking at the forces that act around us. We started by looking at buoyancy and displacement, we have recently been looking at gravity and air resistance. The children each made an identical paper spinner to see the effect  of air resistance as it fell, they then had the opportunity to design and create their own to see if they could make it spin more in the air. 

DT: Viking Longboats


Year 5 have been designing and making Viking Longboats with Mrs Millman. The Vikings used these boats to travel huge distances between countries. Each boat could hold up to sixty warriors! They hung their shields over the edges and decorated the boats with flags. Here are the finished pieces.

Home Learning: Viking Weapons

History: Viking Day

Science: Will an egg float?

Year 5 have continued their work on buoyancy as we experimented with eggs and salty water. The class discovered that as you add salt to the water, the egg begins to float. This is because the density of the water changes, meaning the egg will float to the surface. 

History: Researching the Vikings.

Year 5 looking focussed as we research what life was like in Viking Britain.

Still image for this video

Maths: Rounding

English: Personification


The children have been doing setting descriptions focusing on personification. Personification is where you give something human qualities when the thing you are describing is not human.


For example: The wind whistled through the gloomy, deserted woods. (Milly Jefferies).


Here is some of the children's work!

Forest School


Some children from Year 5 have been given the opportunity to participate in Forest Schools. This will run weekly and hopefully, as the year progresses, more children will be given the chance to get involved!

Science: Buoyancy

Why do some things float?

RE: Poetry Performances

What do I think God might look like?

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed a lesson where we discussed the nature of God. We posed the question, "If there is a God, what might it look like?"

Here are some of the children's ideas in the form of poetry.

What do I think God might look like?

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed a lesson where we discussed the nature of God. We posed the question, "If there is a God, what might it look like?"

Here are some of the children's ideas in the form of poetry.

What do I think God might look like?

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed a lesson where we discussed the nature of God. We posed the question, "If there is a God, what might it look like?"

Here are some of the children's ideas in the form of poetry.

Maths: Place Value


Today in class the children have been practising their place value! They learnt to read and write numbers up to ten million and then played a game where they had to roll dice to try and generate the largest number! It's a really easy game to play at home and I'm sure all of the children would be able to explain the rules!

Year 5 in their new PE kits!


Welcome to Year 5/6


Welcome to our class page for the Otters and Woodpeckers. Here you'll find all the information for homework, newsletters, reading challenges and all of the amazing things we have been doing in class. Keep a look out for the latest information and keep up to date with any exciting events that have happened at school! Children will be given their spellings on a weekly basis and tested on a Friday. We have a weekly battle of the bands on Times Tables Rockstars with MVP up for grabs! Homework will be given out at the beginning of each term - with weekly spelling homework. There is also a termly Reading Challenge - with a special treat for daily readers! 


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if there is anything you need to discuss. Many thanks for your continued support. 


Mr Jelf - Otters

Miss Hunt - Woodpeckers

Termly Homework Menus


Otters Class had a go at reading the London Underground map this afternoon

Woodpecker Class making watertowers!

Otters Class having a go at making their own Watertowers!

Woodpecker Class Health Squad - This week we looked at the sugar content in drinks!

Woodpecker Class Rocket Mice Investigation

Woodpecker Class Science Week Workshop

Live Update: Chemical Reactions

Still image for this video

Live Update: Chemical Reactions

Still image for this video

Live Update: Science Week

Science Week: Just before lunch, the children took part in a 'Chemical Reactions' workshop with Magnetic Maggie. They learnt about acids and alkalis, exothermic and endothermic reactions and reversible and irreversible changes. They have also all made slime - good luck getting that out of the carpet at home!

Live Update: Science Week

Science Week: This morning the children in Otters class have been making circuits to light up their Lego houses! They also experimented with adding switches, doorbells, burglar alarms and fans. Above are some of their creations.

Bristol Flyers Basketball


Year 5/6 have been given to opportunity to participate in basketball training with the Bristol Flyers. Bristol Flyers Women's player Mai Zilbeti has been putting the classes through their paces. The morning is split into two halves, the first - a practical session with Mai, the second - a classroom based session with one of the club's community coaches. In the classroom based session, the children have been building on what they learnt last term in topic - the circulatory system - as well as how to lead a healthy, active life.

Basketball with Bristol Flyers

Still image for this video
Turns out it's quite hard to get the ball back off of a professional basketball player ...

Otters Class Making Blood!

Art Week - Poppies

Biscuit Evolution

Dissecting Ancient Greek Poos

Abbotswood's Next Top Greek Model


Blood Moon

Here is a picture that I found on my iPad from when we experienced the Blood Moon on the 16th October 2017!


'The world is ending' was a popular sentence that day!


Mr Jelf



On Thursday 14th June, Miss Jolliffe and Mr Jelf took some of the Year 5 (and a few Year 6's) children to Yate Outdoor Sports Centre. They were competing in the annual Quad-kidz tournament. Quad-kidz is an athletics tournament in which the children must compete in four events:standing long jump, vortex throw, 100m sprint and 600m long distance run (it's fair to say this was the least popular event).


Here are a few images of the day.

Otters' Nets Investigation


Today in maths we were looking at how 3D shapes are made (nets). The children had to investigate which nets, when folded up, made a cube. All the children got stuck in and discovered that it isn't as easy as they first thought. Once they had finished, we took a flash-back to Key Stage 1 and they used Polydron to create their own regular and irregular 3D shapes.


A challenge that we didn't get to try was drawing our own nets to create different 3D shapes - perhaps this could be tried at home! 

British Values - Banksy and Individual Liberty


As part of British Values week Year 5 spent some time on Wednesday afternoon learning all about Banksy! We looked at his individual style and why graffiti is such a powerful form of expression. We discussed that as British citizens we have the right to express ourselves in ways that we see fit and that it is also important to accept other people for who they are. The children were lucky enough to spot some original Banksy pieces during our trip to Bristol on Tuesday and couldn't wait to get stuck in creating their own art work! Take a look below at our budding Banky's in action! 

Red Lodge Museum Bristol


On a beautiful Tuesday morning year 5 headed back in time to visit Red Lodge Museum in the centre of Bristol. Sadly our horse and cart was out of order so we had to make do with a modern contraption called a coach. Upon our arrival at Red Lodge we were met by Lucy who told us a little bit about the history of the house! It was in fact an entertaining house which was part of a much larger, grand estate that stretched all the way down Trenchard Street towards the harbourside. The wealthy Young family even entertained Queen Elizabeth I here when she visited Bristol. Imogen said she couldn't believe she was walking on the same floorboards that Elizabeth I did! 


We were greeted by Dame Joan Young and escorted up the grand, oak staircase into the impressive Oak Room. Dame Joan taught us a little bit more about the history of the house and about her family. She proceeded to knight Troy, making him Sir Troy of Yate, and taught him how to bow to a lady of high standing. The girls were also taught how to perform the most regal of courtesies. 


The children then had the opportunity to take part in a carousel of activities designed to help them get a feel for Tudor life! There was an array of outfits for them to try on - including rather regal gowns and fetching doublets! 


There was a range of Tudor tableware to explore and learn about how the Tudors ate! Did you know that they didn't use knives when they ate?! They'd rip off chunks of meat! 


The children got a chance to play with Tudor toys...there was a stump doll, ribbon on a stick, bear and man toy and a horn rimmed Bible sample! 


To finish our experience at Red Lodge Museum Dame Joan Young tasked the children with sketching her portrait. Can you believe that there isn't a single portrait of her in the house?! Luckily Year 5 have already tried their hand at Tudor portraits so they got stuck into the task straight away! The children worked hard to capture Dame Joan's regal beauty and were very studious in their work! 


Before we left the museum, there was some time to explore the impressive Knot Garden which welcomes visitors to the Red Lodge. 

We all had a fantastic day and the museum staff commented on how brilliantly behaved the children were! Please scroll down to see some photos of our day! 




Arise Sir Troy of Abbotswood!

Still image for this video

Forest School Group Photo

Leidos STEM Ambassadors

The Great Paper Aeroplane Challenge!

Still image for this video
Nicola and Antony from Leidos have been visiting us to teach us all about supply chains and logistics! They challenged Y5 to create a production line of paper aeroplanes. Each plane had to have at least 5 folds and had to travel a minimum of 3 metres. The children also had to include a snazzy logo. Antony and Nicola gave out points for identical planes and also to anybody who managed to make their plane perform dazzling aerodynamics!

When your teacher couldn't help but have a go!

Still image for this video
This was the final experiment we conducted during our time at YA! We made fireworks in a can!
The ingredients were top secret but a little bird tells me that you can create a similar effect when you combine bicarbonate of soda with some vinegar!!

Woodpeckers visit to YA

Fun with angles!

Spelling Homework

This term we shall be setting your spelling homework and practice using You have all been given a log in and password and have had a chance to use the website in school. Your word list will be loaded onto your account and be accessible under the 'More Lists' section, we will set this as an assignment for you to complete. You will also have your spellings to take home and practice the good old fashioned way! You can practice in whatever way suits you best, but you need to be practicing! 


YA Science and Magic Workshop!


On Thursday 22nd February, Otters Class visited Yate Academy to participate in a science and magic workshop. We learnt about how atoms and electrons shape the world around us and how they are able to help us 'bend water'. We also created our own potions and Mr Jelf is still trying to get the smell of vinegar out of his blazer.


Blowing up balloons to help us create static energy.


Creating our own potions.


Seeing 'spells' come out of our magic wands.



Static energy!



Teamwork makes the dream work!

Making Potions!

Still image for this video

                                        Well-being Week 


As part of well-being week the Otters and Woodpeckers had some special vistors on Thursday afternoon. Frances Vicary and Lynne Burr (who taught Miss James music at secondary school) popped in for an afternoon of music and fun! 


Did you know that singing as a group has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, blood pressure and help to create a group bond? 


The children learned about the importance of warming up their voices, listening carefully to music and paying attention to the conductor. We started to learn the song 'When I Grow Up' from the musical Matilda. The children had previously listened to this song during one of our Jigsaw lessons and had even had a go at writing their own lyrics inspired by the Tim Minchin song! As the children were already a little bit familiar with the song we ploughed straight into singing! A group of girls were selected to sing the harmony part with Miss James - they sounded amazing! We had a fantastic afternoon and were very lucky to have had such enthusiastic vistors! We're hoping to continue to learn and perfect the song and aim to perform it to the school at some point in the near future! 


Bristol Flyers Basketball

Still image for this video
This term Year 5 have had Bristol Flyers come in every Monday as part of their Health Squad. The children have learnt some amazing basketball skills from the Flyers captain, Mike Vigour and American international, Jordan Davis. Ladies team player, Erin Hunter, delivered some amazingly informative classroom sessions focussing on diet, the heart, smoking and drugs.

                                Times Tables Rockstars - MVP


Woodpeckers Vs Rabbits. The winners were.....the Woodpeckers! With Chloe AKA Anna Handy being MVP for Woodpeckers


Otters Vs Deers. The winners were...Deers! With Catherine AKA Forest Murphy being MVP for Otters. 


Congratulations Catherine and Chloe! Remember the battle begins again every Tuesday and a new MVP could be anybody! 


                                                                Times Tables Rockstars


This year the school have started using an exciting scheme called Times Tables Rockstars! This helps to improve children's speed and accuracy in recalling multiplication and division facts. Each week we have a Battle of the Bands! KS2 classes take it in turns to battle each other to see which class can win the most points! It gets incredibly competitive with people jostling to win MVP (most valuable player). We encourage the children to play TTRockstars at home, but they will also get the chance to play at school on iPads. We will announce who was the MVP each week on our class page! 


                                Find Out What We've Been Doing


This week year 5 have become super scientists as the Polar Explorer Programme arrived at Abbotswood!

We have been exploring all things polar and we were lucky to have Polar Embassador Jo Richardson and Professional Diver Simon Holbeche visit us to run three workshops! 


Earlier this week, on Monday, Jo taught us all about the fragility of the Earth's atmosphere and told us how important it is to look after our planet! We created our own atmosphere around the Earth by conducting a chromatography investigation using filter paper, pen, a pipette and water. Imogen even pretended to be the Earth and had balls - representing meteors and toxic gas - fly at her! Luckily she was protected by a blanket,which represented the atmosphere! We learnt all about how the Earth's atmosphere protects us and how we can look after it!


Jo telling us the names of each layer in the Earth's atmosphere



The Earth (Imogen) preparing to be bombarded with toxic gas and meteors!


Creating the Earth's atmosphere!


Find out what we have been doing ...

Year 5 Choir had a fantastic trip to Clifton Cathedral to take part in the annual carol service. 


Choir outside Clifton Cathedral


The children have been so committed and dedicated to choir, taking time out of their lunch to rehearse every Friday!


They performed songs ranging from O Come All Ye Faithful to Little Donkey and not forgetting our favourite, Nazereth, from the film Nativity!