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Year 6 Kingfishers and Falcons Archive 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 page.  Here you'll find all the information for homework, newsletters and all of the amazing things we have been doing in class. Keep a look out for the latest information and keep up to date with any exciting events that have happened at school! Children will be given their spellings on a weekly basis and tested on a Friday. We have a weekly battle of the bands on Times Tables Rockstars with MVP up for grabs! Homework will be given out at the beginning of each term - with weekly spelling homework. We will keep the Reading Karate bands up to date and monitor your child's progress throughout the year. 


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with any of the Year 6 team if there is anything you need to discuss with us. If it is easier for us to give you a call, just drop the office an email and we can get back to you! Thank you for your continued support, it really does mean a lot!


Mrs James-Thomas -Kingfisher Class Teacher and  Mr Capell - Kingfisher Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Griffiths - Falcons Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Gio-Batta - Falcons Class Teacher (Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Lewis - Falcons Class Teaching Assistant

Exceptional Expanded Noun Phrases


Year 5 & 6 Viking Fact Hunt

Our Amazing Year 6's at the South Gloucestershire Education Awards 

Viking Longboats

Viking Runes


As part of our "Big Bang" for our Viking and Anglo-Saxon topic, Kingfisher class tried their hand at decoding ancient Viking runes! The children quickly got to grips with the ancient alphabet and were spelling their names and sending secret messages to each other in no time! Some names were definitely easier to spell than others and some children even said they can see similarities with runes and our alphabet! Take a look at some of their fantastic translations! 







Dreamcatchers with Mr Capell

Welcome back to Year 6! 

Hello Year 6 and welcome back! We hope you had an amazing summer holiday and are refreshed and ready for the term ahead! We have a busy term ahead of us with some fantastic things planned for you! We can't wait for the term to begin and get stuck in to what we have planned! 

Mrs J-T 

Miss Griffiths

Mrs Gio-Batta

What we've been up to! 

Y6 Leavers Assembly Presentation

A Trip Down Memory Lane Presentation


Year 6 and Year 4 were so lucky to be invited to Yate Academy to watch their final dress rehearsal of their production of Fame! The musical was fast-paced with catchy songs and amazing dance routines, with all the children saying how much they loved it! Watching a production on stage has inspired Year 6 ready for their end of year performance next week! Lots of children left saying how they want to be part of a musical when they go to secondary school! 

Coming soon....The X Factory

AirHop - June 2019 

Year 6 were lucky to be invited to an afternoon at AirHop thanks to Sport Bristol! The children (and staff) had a fantastic afternoon bouncing, hopping and jumping their way over, under and through obstacles! They were an absolute credit to the school with members of staff at AirHop complementing them on their amazing behaviour and manners. Thank you Year 6 for being awesome! The bus home was rather quiet as the children were completely exhausted after two hours of fun! Nobody could decide which activity was the best with most agreeing that everything was equally amazing! Thank you to Miss Jolliffe for making this trip possible and to Mrs Lewis and Mr Capell for joining us for the afternoon!  Check out the photos and videos underneath!

Front flipping into the afternoon!

Still image for this video

Battle Beam

Still image for this video

Battle Beam

Still image for this video

Total Wipeout

Still image for this video

Battle Beam

Still image for this video

Battle Beam

Still image for this video

Battle Beam

Still image for this video


Welcome back to the final term of the year! Term 6 is full of sports, drama and music for Kingfisher class! As well as plenty of work to get them ready for transition to secondary school. We have selected their end of year production and can't wait to get stuck into it! The children were all amazing during Term 5's SATs week - we're proud of every single one of them! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting either myself or Mrs Lewis! 

Abseiling like a pro!

Still image for this video

Coastal Walk

Still image for this video

The perfect shot!

Still image for this video

Slo-Mo waves are the best kind of waves!

Still image for this video

Morfa Bay - Days 4 and 5


It's strange, as the week has worn on, breakfast has become quieter and quieter!! The day was jam packed with Mr Jelf's group having the most tiring activities back to back...Muddy Assault Course, Woodland Scramble and Caving! Miss James had a slightly calmer day with Woodland Scramble, Quarry Abseil and Orienteering! Miss Joliffe started off with Team Building followed by the Woodland Scramble and finishing off with the Quarry Abseil. Mr Jelf's group managed to get the muddiest Morfa Bay staff have every seen! Look out for a photo of the girls looking like swamp people! The children loved all of the activities today - with most saying how much fun the Woodland Scramble was...even if the stream was completely freezing!! 


The day was finished off with a delicious BBQ with all of the schools! There was even a disco to enjoy in the evening with some of the children throwing some serious shapes on the dancefloor! 


Day 5 started extra early to make sure everybody was up and ready to go! Bags were packed, beds stripped and floors parents...they can clean when they need to! Breakfast was virtually silent - surely a sign of a good week! Before we set off home there was a prize giving session. Each school award a Top Boy and Top Girl for the children who have thrown themselves into camp life! We had a very hard decision to make as everybody impressed us. However, for the boys Ollie really stood out for his enthusiasm, organisation, kindness and punctuality! For the girls, Skye, who was just an absolute superstar in every activity! Nothing fazed her and I think she had a smile on her face every single minute of every day! 


The bus arrived and everybody piled on. Within 10 minutes half the group were asleep and the other half were incredibly quiet! We stopped off at the services for our lunch! We took over Costa and the children were an absolute credit to the school and to you, the parents! Euan was awarded with his promised prize of a McFlurry for getting the top score for the week in Archery. Eventually it was time to get back on the road and head home. 


Thank you Year 6 for a fantastic week! You were all amazing:it was a privilege to see you pushing yourselves out of your comfort zones and to see how respectful and polite you were to everybody you met at Morfa Bay. 

Until next time...Triple J signing out!

Morfa Bay - Day 3


After a jam packed Tuesday, Wednesday morning was a bit of struggle! Everybody was rather tired and sore following a busy day of activities! But we powered on nonetheless! Pancakes with chocolate sauce were demolished before setting off for our first activities of the day. Amroth started the day with Bushcraft, Angle had Team Building and Caldey went mountain biking followed by Archery. We headed back to camp for a delicious lunch in the park - massive baguettes, crisps, melted KitKats and a mountain of fruit! Another activity quickly followed, leaving little time for dawdling! 


It was Amroth's turn for some Team Building, Angle went Quarry Abseiling and Caldey went Orienteering! A quick turn around for the final activities and we were underway with Amroth tackling the Muddy Assault Course,Angle learned some survival skills with Bushcraft and Caldey headed down to the caves for Caving! 


Special mentions of the day for Amroth go to Freya for her enthusiasm on the Muddy Assault Course, Ollie for his impressive knowledge of survival equipment and Imogen for her determination in lighting a fire with a ferisstone! From Caldey - Jess and Spencer showed some impressive skills in Archery and the whole group for showing no fear in the caves! Some amazing moments from Angle were courtesy of Tristan with an epic traverse across the cliff in abseiling! Grace M showed insane problem solving skills during her team building session - she's a regular cowgirl who can lasso a bomb to safety! 


Dinner was wolfed down - Roast Turkey with all the trimmings or pasta! A gargantuan rounders match followed with some impressive skills from: Euan, Maddie, Bethanie, Hayden and Leo! Euan made the most amazing catch to get Mr Jelf out - one for the record books surely!


Check back tomorrow to hear about our penultimate day!

Year 6 and Triple J 

Morfa Bay - Day 2


The sun rose over Morfa Bay and day two of camp kicked off in energetic style! After demolishing several boxes of cereal and mountains of toast we headed off to our first activity! All the groups were together for the first session of the day - Sea Activities!


We donned our rather fetching wetsuits and were ferried down to Pendine Beach. The sun shone as we dived into 12 degree waters! But the children didn't let the cold stop them! We played many games including: Huggy Bears, sea rugby, team games and paddle boarding! Highlight of the morning was watching Mr Jelf try and swim between Lillia's legs - let's just say that Lillia didn't stay on her feet for long! Children were flying through the air and splashing in the sea with incredible smiles on their faces. Three blasts on the whistle meant we had to head back to camp for lunch - sandwich extravaganza! 


After lunch we headed off in different directions! Amroth went caving, Angle enjoyed mountain biking/archery and Caldey tackled the muddy assault course! Amroth showed no fear when entering the subterranean maze of limestone! Special mention to Mya's courage when entering the third cavern with cheers and support from the rest of the group. Lillia also invented a new type of rock - not LIMEstone...Apricotstone...It was the first fruit to her...Angle started off with archery! By the end of the session everybody really had the hang of it! Special mention to Tristan for hitting the bullseye - a perfect shot!! Leo also scored the most points in three rounds with 67, narrowly beating Tristan by just one point! Caldey were mud monsters as they sped around the muddy assualt course! They crawled through muddy rivers, through old waste pipes and up and over obstacles whilst plastered in mud! Special mention to Catherine and Spencer who were reluctant to start but once they got into the swing of things, were unstoppable! 


Our final session saw us all reunite and head back to the beach for Rock Pooling! We spent time exploring the rocky sea shore and discovering its hidden treasures! Euan's group found an impressive hermit crab with the most beautiful shell! Jessica's group found  tiny starfish. All the teachers were so proud of their enthusiasm and respect for nature! 


We headed back to camp for curry night before enjoying not one...but two puddings! Who doesn't love double ice-cream?! After tea we headed back down to the beach (walking this time) to enjoy enormous ice-creams as the tide came in. We hiked back up the hill before getting ready for bed! It's been a jam packed day and as we type the children are already asleep! 


Check back tomorrow to find out what we've been up to! 

Year 6 and Triple J

Morfa Bay - Day 1 


Year 6 left for Morfa Bay bright and early on Monday morning! Bags were packed and the children were ready and raring to go! Upon our arrival, we were briefed by the staff on what they expect from us and were told about some of the exciting activities we will be doing! We were split into three groups: Amroth, Angle and Caldey with a teacher for company! Amroth tackled the mountain biking course before honing their archery skills - Troy even gave Hawkeye a run for his money by scoring the most points in three rounds! Angle headed to the forest for orienteering and emerged a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes later victorious with an astounded activity leader! Caldey had a more relaxed start with Bushcraft. They made fire, learned about edible plants, how to make a shelter and even cooked some delicous wild garlic bread! Just call them Bear Grylls! 


Dinner was demolished by all - we LOVE goujons! We also tackled a challenging coastal walk, where some children overcame their hesitancy of actually walking! The reward was some stunning views over the bay! 


Tomorrow we look forward to a morning of sea activities, caving, more mountain biking/archery, muddy assault course and rock pooling!

Make sure you check out the photos below and check back tomorrow to see what we have been up to! 


Miss James, Miss Jolliffe and Mr Jelf...AKA Triple J

Hula Hooping Through SATs Week!

Still image for this video

Road Safety Workshop


On Wednesday morning Year 6 were lucky to have the South Gloucestershire Road Safety team visit and deliver an entertaining and informative session. We learnt all about road signs and what they meant as well as discussing the Green Cross Code in more depth. We played some great games that tested out knowledge of Road Safety - they were a lot of fun as well! Even Mrs Lewis and Miss James got involved - especially with HeadsUp! Take a look at the photos from the workshop below :) 

Quick Sticks Hockey Team

British Science Week Workshop - The Human Body

Abbotswood Pancake Tossing

Championship 2019!



I almost forgot about pancake day...the date just “creped” up on me! Tuesday 6th March saw an intense battle between KS2: the battle to crown the best Pancake flipper of Abbotswood! It was a closely fought battle between Lacey (Y4), Ami (Y3), Lilly (Y3), Archie (Y5), Lacey (Y5) and Lillia (Y6). The children had one minute to continuously flip their pancakes! The final saw Archie (Y5) and Lacey (Y4) go head to head infront of KS2! Thankfully Year 6 acted as adjudicators and kept a close eye on the contestants! After one hotly contested minute, Archie was crowned as the Pancake Tossing Champio of Abbotswood! A very well deserved winner, but can he “crepe” the crown when he’s in Year 6?! 

The Heat Is On!

Still image for this video
The pressure amps up during our Pancake Tossing Contest!

Story Night for World Book Day 2019


Thursday 7th March was World Book Day! As well as dressing up as our favourite characters, we also had to the chance to return to school for story night! We all came back to school in our pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers to join the teachers for (an early) bed time story! The classrooms had been transformed into magical dens – perfect for an exciting story! In Y5/6 we had cushions, duvets and blankets so we could sit back, relax and enjoy the stories. We entered the crazy world of Roald Dahl as our teachers read Mr Jelf’s favourite book – George’s Marvellous Medicine – complete with crazy voices for Grandma from Miss James! We were also really lucky to have some delicious biscuits and drinks from The Friends of Abbotswood. The Year 6s who came feel quite sad that this was our last story night as they are definitely nights to remember!



Story Night

SATs Presentation for Parents, Carers and Guardians

Reading Rocks! 


During February half-term Miss James went on an adventure to a place where Reading Rocks! During her time at the conference she got to meet of the Kingfisher's favourite authors: Maz Evans (Who Let The Gods Out?) and Emma Carroll (Letters from the Lighthouse). The two authors were so interesting and enthusiastic, giving Miss James lots of ideas to take back to school! They were kind enough to sign copies of our books and Maz Evans even took a selfie with Miss James! 









Well hello there my lovely Kingfishers! I hope you had a fabulous half term and are refreshed and raring to go for Term 4! We have a really exciting topic this term, it's a little bit different and lots of teachers I met on your INSET day are super jealous of what we're doing...I really do treat you well don't I?! 


I hope you're ready for my KS2 assembly on March 5th. I'm hoping that I get plenty of volunteers from our class as I can't do it alone! 


I will endeavour to send out your Homework Menu, Reading Treat Information and Class Newsletter by the end of the first week back. I'll continue to set maths homework on Prodigy and just to let you all know. Any issues with getting online at home, let me know :) 


Keep up your amazing work, you guys are SMASHING Year 6 and are making me and Mrs Lewis so proud! 

Miss J x

The Children's Faeces Lit Up When They Found Out They Were Writing POOems!


Tuesday afternoon provided many laughs and scientific discoveries as we learnt about the weird and wonderful digestive system! We could all agree that Food = Life and that we need to eat so our bodies have energy! We watched some pretty gross videos and even saw what a pig's small and large intestine looked like! After we labelled a diagram of the digestive system the class were set a task...they needed to write a poem or a POOem from the point of view of food as it goes on a journey through the digestive system. Working in small groups, the class created a brilliant array of funny and informative poems with with absolutely fantastic titles! 


Take a look at what they have written below.







Giuseppe Arcimboldo Inspired Art

Blood Cell Art

What is blood made of? 


On Tuesday afternoon Kingfishers became hematologists as we looked to discover what blood was made of and what each component is for! We began by brainstorming what we already knew about blood with some impressive answers coming from Ben, Troy and Spencer! 


We then learnt that blood is made up of: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Each component has a different job. Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients through our bodies; white blood cells are like our own internal army, fighting off diseases; platelets help our blood to clot when we cut ourselves and plasma is the liquid in which all of these cells are contained. The class were quite shocked to find out that 55% of our blood is made up of plasma! We then worked out how many grams of each component we would need to make 200g of blood!


We needed 86g of red blood cells (cheerios), 2g of platelets (rice), 2g of white blood cells (dried white beans) and 110g of plasma (yellow water). 


Take a look at our photos and slo-mo videos! 




Red Blood Cells

Still image for this video
The girls carefully measure out their red blood cells!

Don't Confuse This With Your Breakfast!

Still image for this video
Don't confuse this with your morning cheerios!

Super Writing!


Take a look at some amazing work! Freya worked so hard to create an eerie atmosphere whilst also fitting in some tricky new punctuation; semicolons! 


Image result for welcome back

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a relaxing Christmas holiday and are refreshed and ready for the term ahead! I've uploaded your new homework menu, reading challenge information and class newsletter. You will also get a physical copy on Friday! 

Please make sure your PE kit is in school ready for our sessions. I cannot wait to teach you this term! I LOVED your faces in our first English lesson when you found out that our class text was Frankenstein! You are all incredible and are working so, so hard! You make me and Mrs Lewis proud every day! Please come and talk to us if you ever need anything! 

Miss James x

Christmas Carols at Yate Shopping Centre 


The Kingfishers are well and truly full of festive cheer! On Tuesday 11th December we ventured all the way to Yate Shopping Centre, without a single moan about the distance, to sing some of our favourite Christmas songs! The children were absolute superstars and lived up to the introduction of 'Sparkle and Shine'! Mrs Lewis and I are so proud of their behaviour and their beautiful singing! It was lovely to see so many parents and family members in attendance as well! Thank you for coming to see us! 


Merry Christmas from Kingfisher Class!

Still image for this video

Kingfisher's War Research 


As part of our topic this term, Y6 were set the task of researching their own family history to see if any of their relatives fought in the First World War. So many children have spent time learning about their families and discovering things they did not know until now! Chloe G told me she spent the whole afternoon with her grandmother learning about her great-uncle who sadly died just before the Armistice was signed in 1918. Some children even brought in photos and items from home to show the class! 









When you take topic a bit too seriously....


During golden time, Year 6 begged me to check out their trench...I'm actually pretty impressed! They have recreated a trench from WW1 in the corner of the playground, even using small branches as barbed wire to keep the enemy (pesky Y3s) at bay! 





  They even have a flag!

Welcome To Term Two!

Welcome back to Term Two! Term two is my favourite term as we are in the run up to Christmas! I'm so excited to teach you all this term and cannot wait for us to get stuck into our topic work. I know your English lessons will be fantastic this term and cannot wait to see you tackle the challenges I'll be throwing at you! You all continue to amaze me with your determination in maths - lets continue this with the wonderful world of fractions, decimals and percentages! 


Please make sure you show your parents, family and friends our beautiful tribute to the fallen soldiers of World War One. I was blown away reading your war poems and will get some published on our web page soon! 


Miss J frown

Morfa Bay 2019 Presentation

Masters of Long Division

Year 6 have been tackling long division! In Monday's lesson they showed perseverance, determination and some amazing teamwork to absolutely nail long division! I was so impressed with their listening skills! Let's see what the rest of the week delivers in terms of division! 




Steven Seagull Strikes Again!


This week in Guided Reading we have been reading Elys Dolan's 'Steven Seagull'. A witty and entertaining story about a renegade cop! As part of our 'Follow Up Friday' task, the class were challenged to write either a sequel or a prequel to Steven's story! Check out Euan's amazing flashback of Steven to his first few days on the job in 1989!! 


YEAR 6 CAMP 2019


There will be a meeting after school on Tuesday 9th October at 3:30pm to discuss arrangements for Year 6 camp. It will be in KS2 hall and will be your chance to express an interest in your child going. Please come along if you are able to. If you're unable to attend and would like some information, please let me know. 


European Day of Languages


On Mardi 25th Septembre Year 6 travelled to YA to take part in European Languages day! We all got taught some French and Spanish vocabulary such is: “bonjour” and “hola” which mean hello! “Je voudrais” or “quiero” means can I have. We then went to the sports hall where there were ten stands with lots of different activities for us to take part in. Our favourite stand had drinks and food! We got to try crepes and pain au chocolat! We played lots of games and learnt a little bit about what it’s like to learn a language at secondary school. We both really want to learn Spanish when we go to secondary school!  European Day of Languages

Adios amigos!

Maddie and Chloe

European Day of Languages


On Tuesday afternoon (18/09/2018) Year 6 went on a trip to the Lifeskills centre in Bristol. When we arrived we were greeted by a group of volunteers who were there to teach us how to be safe in lots of different situations. We started with a quiz to see how much we already knew – we would take the same quiz at the end to see how much we had learned (we’re pleased to say we learned a lot!). Next we were split into groups of 3 or 4 and started on our tour of 16 different activities. It was amazing – we learned what to do if we find a fire – get down on the floor, call for help and dial 999 as soon as you can. We actually had to call the emergency services and learned what to say. We had to call the police when we heard someone being attacked down a lane, an ambulance when we found someone unconscious and we even learned how to perform CPR on dummies. There were road safety situations, what to do in a supermarket, train lines, electricity stations and loads more. We learned about a gas called carbon monoxide and how it has no smell and can be deadly, so it’s really important to have an alarm that senses it.


Miss James, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Moreton and Mrs Willoughby came with us and we found out at the end that it had been them on the end of the phone when we dialled 999. They all said that we behaved fantastically and were very proud of us all.


We give the trip 9.5/10 – it lost half a point as we wish it could have been all day instead of half! Lifeskills is a brilliant educational trip for children. By Troy & Summer Year 6


Year 6 - The first three weeks! 


WOW! I can't believe we've been back at school for 3 weeks! The children have really settled into Year 6 and have worked so hard over the past few weeks! I cannot fault their enthusiasm and effort, both myself and Mrs Lewis have been very impressed! Completing the 2018 SATs tests in their first few weeks back is no mean feat! Everybody rose to the occasion and tried their absolute best - so well done to everybody!


We've started an exciting unit in English by looking at Greek Mythology, focusing on using direct speech, expanded noun phrases and a range of sentence types. If anybody would like some resources to support their children further at home, particularly in relation to SPaG, the website Topmarks can be very useful.


We're just about to move on to using the four operations in maths - multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. This knowledge is embedded daily in MiniMaths sessions, but we will deepen the children's understanding over the next few weeks so that they are even more confident using written methods to solve problems and display their mathematical reasoning! 

Scroll down to see some pictures from our first week! Including some photos from our PE sessions where the children have been learning pivoting skills in Netball! And our exclusive Greek Fashion collection, just in time for the September issue of Vogue! 



Netball - PIVOT!

Fossilised Faeces and the Ancient Greeks!

Year 6 fun in SATs week

Year 6 fun in SATs week

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to the Falcon class page. Here you will find the letters for the term: newsletters, homework and reading challenge. You will also find updates and photos of our learning. 


Miss Griffiths

Morfa Bay!

Day 4.


On our final, full day at Morfa Bay, both groups ventured down to Pendine Beach to have a go at some 'Sea Activities', before this however, we had the absolute nightmare of getting the children into their wetsuits (Mr Jelf's lifting technique was particularly effective). The water was a little choppy and so both groups had a go at body-boarding. Some children had never been in the sea before and so it was a real joy to see all the children playing with each other (the photos of the sea were taken courtesy of Georgina).


Ragwen then went to tackle the muddy assault course and one of the boys thought it would be funny to wear a Leeds United (Mr Jelf's favourite team) top so that he could deliberately plaster it in mud. Very funny - ha ha. Once they had showered, the group then made their way over to the archery arena where Rio and Luke were the top scorers (42) and they finished the day off on the mountain biking track. A big congratulations to Megan who learnt to ride a bike on the field!


After the excitement of the sea, Ramsey were taken down to the bushcraft area to learn some vital survival skills. They made some simple A frame shelters and had a go at making some rustic bread. The group finished the day by going off site and tackling the woodland scramble.

Morfa Bay! 

Day 3.


Wednesday already! Ramsey began the day with a boisterous and brave attempt and the infamous muddy (although not actually that muddy due to the hot weather) assault course. This was followed by an afternoon on the tower where they challenged themselves on the abseiling wall, whilst also having a go at climbing and the zip-wire! Ragwen had a particularly physical day in the roasting-hot Welsh sunshine too! First of all, they climbed higher than they ever thought possible on the climbing wall - some even reaching the very top. Then they were boiling hot in their boiler suits as they marched down towards the cave and many children overcame their fears to conquer all of the chambers. Finally, they made it back outside and into the woods for a hotly contested orienteering contest. The day was capped of with one of Mr Jelf's favourite made-up games - Crocker!

Ramsey Day 3

Ragwen Day 3


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video

Mr Jelf's failed attempt at filming

Still image for this video

It's Wednesday my dudes!

Still image for this video

Morfa Bay!

Day 2


Once the children had tucked into a hearty breakfast, they were off on a full day of activities! Ragwen (Mr Jelf) began the day with bushcraft, followed by the woodland scramble and then finally they tackled the high ropes course. Ramsey (Miss Jolliffe and Miss Eastman) began by taking a trip to the caves, they then went into the woods to have a go at orienteering. They finished the day on the mountain bike course and in the archery arena. Another full-on day!



Ragwen Day 2

Ramsey Day 2

Morfa Bay!

Day 1.


Here are a few images of what the children have been up to on their first day at Morfa Bay. We arrived on site at about midday and the children immediately settled into their lunches as if they hadn't eaten for weeks. Team Ramsey (Miss Jolliffe and Miss Eastman) then went off to tackle the high-ropes course, whilst Team Ragwen (Mr Jelf) had the tricky task of abseiling down the tower.




















Find out what we have been doing ....

Sponsored walk - we attempted to walk the distance from our school to Morfa Bay! We had great fun.

Don't judge a book by its cover! World book day secret book swap. Year 6 chose a book from the 1st line!

Term 4 - what will out topic be?


In groups, Falcons had to make the different puzzles to discover that our topic for the term will be the Tudors. They are looking forward to learning what life was like under the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. 






Reading Treat - we made pizzas!! Here are the everyday readers with their prize of a book to keep.

Safer Internet Day


Falcons have been learning about staying safe whilst communicating online. They used pic collage to create posters and used  #dontsaydontsend



Polar Explorers


This term, Year 6 will be studying the book "Ice Trap" which is all about Ernest Shackleton and his exploration to the south pole. To start the topic, every child in year 6 was given the name of one of the crew members. They researched who they were and learnt all about them. To make sure they were ready for their expeditions, they dressed up in hats and scarves and we recreated the original crew photograph. 


Beyond the Deepwoods


Year 6 have been reading the book 'Beyond the Deepwoods'. They looked at the different creatures that lived in the woods and then designed their own. They used plasticine to make models of their own creations and wrote non-chronological reports to inform people of what they might find in the woods. 

Term 3 - topic launch - what will our topic be?

Science Experiments


Year 6 have been investigating which materials will make the best thermal insulators, to link with our topic on Shackleton. They wrapped containers with different materials and used thermometers to measure the temperature of the water at different time intervals. They used their computing skills to record their results in excel and draw graphs of their results. 


Fantastic writing in Year 6 - Beowulf

Bonjour - Year 6 visit Yate Academy to learn some French

What will happen to the gummy bears?


Falcon class have been investigating what happened when they put gummy bears into different liquids. They used their science skills to think of questions and design a fair test. 



Falcon Class create feathers

I am ...... 


To start the term, Falcon class have been thinking about what makes them special. Here are some of their 'I am....' art work