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Abbotswood Primary School

Together We Aim High, Believe and Achieve


The school's governing body is made up from a cross section of the community.  The governors can serve a 4 year term but can be re-elected.  A parent governor must have a child on the school roll at the time of their election but can continue to serve after their child has left the school until the end of that term of office.  South Gloucestershire Council make the political appointments to the school governing body. 


The Full Governing body and the Committees meet approx 5 times per year. The resources committee focuses on the health and safety, personnel and financial elements on the school. The curriculum and school improvement committee focuses on the quality of education and the academic outcomes of our pupils.


If you are interested in becoming a governor or would just like to find out more please speak to Head of School Mrs Willoughby or our Chair of Governors Mr Ken Thomas (via the school office)


Financial Information
Please note that we do not have any employees with a gross annual salary of more than £100,000
Please Click here to view our school's financial data


Name Term of Office Type of Governor Committee Office Held/Responsibility Pecuniary Interests Membership of Other Governor Bodies Personal Relationships in School
Mr Robert Cockle 1.9.18 -



Resource Executive Headteacher No Wick CE Primary School None
Mrs Sarah Willoughby 1.2.17 -


Curriculum Head of School No None None
Mr Dan Jelf 19.7.17 - 18.7.21 Staff


  No None None
Mrs Denise Millman

13.05.19 - 12.05.23

Co-opted Curriculum Chair of Curriculum No None None
Mr Ian Gill 8.06.18 - 7.06.22 Parent Resource   No None Child in 1 and Year 4
Mrs Joy Phillpotts 26.11.18 - 25.11.22 Co-opted Curriculum   No None None
Mrs Joanne Olsen 26.11.18 - 25.11.22 Parent Curriculum   No None Child in Year 4 and 6
Mr Ken Thomas 5.2.18 - 4.2.22 Co-opted Resource Chair of Resource No None None
Ms Rachel Gittoes 05.10.15 - 04.10.19 Co-opted Curriculum   No None None
Mrs Helen Sidwick 30.10.17 - 29.10.21 Parent Resource   No  None Child in Year 3
Mrs Jill Bedford 30.09.19-29.09.22 Parent Curriculum   No None

Child in Reception

Agnes Joshua 20.09.19 - 19.09.23 Co-opted Resource   No None None
Miss Anna Sutton 5.11.18 - Clerk to the Governors Both School Business Manager No





Date of Meeting Attended Apologies
Curriculum Committee 20th November 2019 Denise Millman, Joy Phillpotts, Jo Olsen, Anna Sutton  Daniel Jelf, Rachel Gittoes, Sarah Willoughby, Rob Cockle
Resources Committee 20th November 2019 Ken Thomas, Ian Gill, Helen Sidwick, Anna Sutton Rob Cockle
Full Governors 9th December 2019 Rob Cockle, Ken Thomas, Jill Bedford, Ian Gill, Denise Millman, Joy Phillpotts, Helen Sidwick, Jo Olsen, Dan Jelf, Anna Sutton Sarah Willoughby, Rachel Gittoes, Rachel Price
Curriculum Committee 10th February 2020 Denise Millman, Rachel Gittoes, Dan Jelf, Sarah Willoughby, Joy Phillpotts, Jo Olsen, Jill Bedford, Rob Cockle, Anna Sutton  
Resources Committee 10th February 2020 Ken Thomas, Rob Cockle, Ian Gill, Anna Sutton Helen Sidwick
Full Governors 2nd March 2020 Rob Cockle, Ken Thomas, Sarah Willoughby, Denise Millman, Ian Gill, Helen Sidwick, Rachel Gittoes, Anna Sutton Jo Olsen, Jill Bedford, Joy Phillpotts
Full Governors 15th June 2020 Rob Cockle, Ken Thomas, Sarah Willoughby, Denise Millman, Ian Gill, Helen Sidwick, Rachel Gittoes, Jill Bedford, Joy Phillpotts, Anna Sutton  
Full Governors 13th July 2020