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Abbotswood Primary School

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Term 2

Enquiry - How are schools the same? November 2023

As part of our new Enquiry, how are schools the same?, we used atlases to find out where other children’s school are.we learned about children in Japan, Russia, Spain, Mexico and Uganda.

Traction man is here! - November 2023

Traction Man was brought to us so we could create an advert to help sell them in the toy shop. There are only 100 of them. We learned that Traction Man has a trusty sidekick called Scrubbing Brush. 

Division learning in year 2 - November 2023

Practicing creating tints and shades of colour - November 2023

Enquiry learning exhibition. Thank you to everyone who attended! - December 2023

To complete our term 2 enquiry, we held a learning exhibition to show off our fabulous learning. During this enquiry we were geographers and artists. As geographers we researched schools from around the world and focussed in on schools in Tokyo, Japan. We learned about the human and physical features of Tokyo and compared them to Yate. We created posters comparing the similarities and differences. As artists we created a piece of art inspired by Yuko Shimizu, a Japanese artist. Yuko loves to include contrast in her art so we did the same - we used the human features of Tokyo to created the background and used the physical features of Yate to create the foreground. 

Christmas is in full swing in year 2! Here we are in our nativity costumes. - December 2023