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2022 - 2023 Reception Tawny & Barn Owls

Reception: Tawny & Barn Owls

Welcome to the Reception page - your place for all things owls. See what the children have been up to at school and keep up to date with any important information.


Any questions - do not hesitate to ask!


Here's to a great year!


The Reception Team - Mr Jelf, Mrs Smith, Miss Robinson and Mrs Edwards.

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Abbotswood.


Making 5!

Whilst being mathematicians this week, we have been looking at the different ways that we can make 5. We began by looking at Numicon to work out all the different possibilities to make 5 and then we used that information to display our learning on the dice frame. We looked at how we could make 5 on our fingers and by the end of the lesson the children could tell me different sums that equal 5.


Chinese New Year!

In Term 3, during our 'Where Can We Go?' enquiry, the children learnt about Chinese New Year. We found China on the map and looked at some similarities and differences between China and our local community. The children created Chinese Lanterns through their Artist Challenge and tried noodles and prawn crackers during their snack time. We spoke about the Year of the Rabbit and the children wrote gift ideas that they could use for their families and we have read the book - The Magic Paintbrush - where a young Chinese girl named Shen uses a magic paintbrush which then brings her paintings to life! The home corner was set up as a Chinese restaurant and the children enjoyed serving each other and sitting together.

Term 2

Thinking about Winter


We have been out and about exploring recently! We have been thinking about why things change during the Winter months. Our class elf escaped the classroom and took us on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds.


'The ground is crunchy!' Olivia W.


'It's so frosty!' Liam.

Christmas Celebrations!


Here are some pictures of the children participating in our school Christmas performance, as well as other Christmassy activities!

Halloween and Firework Night


We began the term by looking at Halloween and Firework night. We went into the Forest Area and the children toasted marshmallows and lit sparklers! We spoke about why people celebrate Halloween and Firework night and the children really enjoyed talking about the experiences that they had had at home.

Term 1

This term we are looking at What Makes Me Special? The children will be looking at themselves: creating self portraits in a variety of forms, whilst also thinking about why they are unique and celebrating their differences. We then move onto looking at each other's families and homes and again celebrating the amazing diversity we have in our class. We will also look at things that the children can do to help keep themselves healthy, for example: washing hands and brushing teeth, the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and how we can react in certain situations.

Our First Few Weeks!

Here are some pictures of our first few weeks! I know - weeks!


Our first enquiry has been 'What Makes Me Special?' and the children have been creating self portraits, both with paint and pizza! They have thought about mixing colours and how all of our skin tones are different. They have thought about 'Who lives in my house?' and have drawn and built their houses. We have completed our first few phonics lessons and, as you can see, the children have been fully engaged!


In the next few weeks, the children will be thinking about 'How we can look after ourselves?' and the importance of washing our hands, brushing our teeth, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. We will finish the term by looking at 'How do I feel?' and reading the book The Colour Monster.


As you can see, the children are all busy and all smiling! Practising their speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and many other aspects of learning.


We are really proud of how they are settling in!  

Our First Lunch


Our First Day!


Below are a few images of what the children have been up to in their first few days at Abbotswood!