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Abbotswood Primary School

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Term 4

What words describe movement?


Today, the children explored language relating to position and direction.  First, we discussed what words we know that describe movement.

Then, the children listened to a song to notice the ‘movement’ words, whilst following the instructions.  After that, the children worked in partners to give instructions using the correct vocabulary. 


Following this, the children had the challenge to make a maze for a bee-bot! They had to think carefully about the direction, position and movement. The children used a ruler to draw straight lines and design a maze.  The children labelled their maze using the right words. 

They then worked in groups to make a maze using different construction materials.  We discovered that the large blocks and the small blocks were the best!



Cats Protection!


We were very lucky to have a visit from Cat's Protection this term.  The two volunteers talked to the children about cat health, wellbeing and about how to successfully keep a cat!  The children learned all about the five senses and how a cat uses them in everyday life.  smiley


For more information on Cats Protection, please visit the website -

What happened at Easter and how does it make people feel?


Today we learnt about the Christian festival of Easter. A time when Christian’s remember Jesus’ death upon a cross, his burial in a tomb and rising into Heaven. When reflecting on the story, the children spoke about the important pictures that came to mind, representing these on a pebble which in itself is a symbol of the heavy rock that was placed outside Jesus’ tomb…

Place Value to 50.


This week, the children are beginning to look at bigger numbers to 50.  In order to understand the number more, the children first partitioned it and then looked at the numbers in the Tens column and in the Ones column. The children made these two-digit numbers from the dienes.