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Abbotswood Primary School

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Term 5

What are the parts of a Tree?


Today, the children have looked at and discussed the different parts of a tree.  First, they identified the parts of a tree above ground; trunk, bark, branches and crown, and then they thought about the parts below ground; the roots.  They discussed as the class the job of each tree part and why it is important.  Following this, the children went outside and looked at some trees, discussing all of the parts and sharing this with their friends.  The children collected natural materials and made a tree diagram on the playground! They labelled the different key parts with chalk. 

Dashing Division!


This week, the children in Year One have been exploring division through sharing.  They have been counting out their whole and then sharing between two (them and their friend).  We must say, they are all very good at sharing.....

What are we?


In Enquiry this term, we have been asking the question ' What are we?'.  As part of this, the children have been artists and scientists!  Today, the children explored the medium of clay to make their desired mammal!  They used different techniques to create the features and tools to create textures.

Cracking Cricket!


The children had the opportunity this week to work alongside the sports coaches to lean and enhance their cricket skills!  The children were split into four teams and played two different games.  These games focused on the skills and techniques needed in the game.  They all did a marvellous job!  We really do have some amazing cricketers!  

Amazing Animals!


The children had the opportunity today to meet some amazing animals! Some of our very kind parents brought in a tortoise and a tree lizard!  The children looked, fed and touched the animals.  They also asked some really great questions!  It was an amazing afternoon. smiley

Wow! Noah's Ark Fun!


Wow! What an amazing day we had at Noah's Ark Farm Zoo.  The children had the opportunity to look at many different types of animals; zebras, elephants, giraffes, lions, pigs and lots more.  They also took part in workshop where they held a cockroach, a snake and guinea pig! This was all part of our Enquiry learning - 'What are we?'


  We were also really lucky with the weather as the sun came out all day. smiley




There's a Mean Stalk in our School!


We discovered a bean stalk had grown in our library! On the beanstalk we found some golden word leaves and some unkind words. They even made Mrs. Risdale cry!  We predicted where the bean stalk leads to and then came up with some kind things to say  to counteract the unkind words. We stuck our kind sentences on the bean stalk. This made Mrs. Risdale very happy.


We then read the story of ‘Jack and the Incredibly Mean Stalk.”