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Term 2

Great Geographers!


Today we asked ‘What is a map?’ and became Geographers. The children used a special online tool called Google Earth to find our school from space! We then zoomed out to see our town, country and world. In groups, we looked at a range of maps and discussed what we could see and where our school might be located. We learnt that a map is a drawn representation that’s gives us information about an area. They can be on paper, like an atlas, or digital which means we need to look on a screen.

A Search Far and Wide!


Today we discovered an empty suitcase in the hall.  The children realised that all of the contents of the suitcase had been lost and scattered. Inside the suitcase was a mini map to one of the lost items. The children found the item and followed the next map and carried on until the wildlife area was reached.  The children found all sorts;  a torch, a woolly hat, a large fish and an umbrella. Eventually when we all reached the wildlife area, a lonely little penguin with a lost sign was discovered. The children thought about where the penguin might have come from and what happened to it. 


It's been a part, part, whole kind of a week!


Wow!  What a great time we all had exploring our part, part, whole models!  The children have been exploring addition through using a part, part, whole diagram.  They first found the whole and made the number from cubes.  They know that the whole is the BIGGEST number as this is how many we have got altogether.  The children looked closely at the whole, and then partitioned the the number into two parts.  The children moved the parts from their whole to do this!


We have just been looking at the language this week, and really securing our use of mathematical vocab, before moving onto using the addition number symbol next week. 



The children have been learning all about Remembrance day and the significance of the poppy.   Remembrance Day gives people the chance to remember those who fought and lost their lives during the war and honour their memory.  The children used their tearing, scrunching and rolling skills to create texture and produce a poppy collage.

Terrific Tally Charts! 


As part of our enquiry, the children have been asking the question ' what is in my classroom?'  In order to collect this information, the children became researchers and mathematicians. They looked closely at what was in our class and they created a tally chart to represent how many of each object there was.  The children practised using tallying skills, and remembering to close the gate on number 5!

FRED Frog Fingers!


As you know, we follow the RWI phonics program throughout our school.  The children have been practising using their Fred Frog fingers to listen to the sounds they hear to spell unfamiliar words. They have got really confident at recognising the special friends too! 

Super Subtraction!


The children have been exploring subtraction today using the part, part, whole bar model.  The children listened carefully to the subtraction number stories and used counters to represent the different elements.  The children were able to solve the subtraction number sentences using this method. They were able to tell us how many were left!

Who needs instructions?


Today the children made a snack that the penguin and the boy would enjoy.  They discovered that the boys favourite food is raisins and the penguins favourite food is fish so they made fish biscuits! However, the children soon discovered that the instructions had disappeared! The children helped their teacher make the biscuits (but they needed to be really clear with the instructions) – Mrs Risdale tried using glue to stick the orange segments onto the biscuit….


Once the children were clear in their instructions, they all made a fabulous snack.  Yum, yum.

Cinema Trip!

Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to go to the cinema this is week.  They walked from school to Yate cinema to watch ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’. The children all sat beautifully throughout the whole film and enjoyed the funny storyline about a young Gru who is trying to join a group of supervillains called the Vicious 6! They were all super stars!


Super Subtraction!


The children have been exploring subtraction this week.  They have been working hard, using cubes, counters and number lines, to find out how many are left!  They have also been showing off their super subtraction skills within the provision!  What super stars! 

Being a good friend......


We have been learning about how to be a good friend and about what a good friend looks like.  In PSHE, the children made a 'good friend' cake!  They came up with lots of ideas of what a great friend looks like, added it to the bowl and then gave it a stir.  After that, they created a friendship token and gave it to their friend in class.  


I think you'll all great that we have some great friendships in our class!

Lights, Camel, Action!


Wow!  What am amazing nativity!  I think you'll all agree that the Year 1 children sang their hearts out and showed off some fabulous dance moves.  Thank you to all those who made it and gave their support smiley.