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Abbotswood Primary School

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Term 3

A visit from Little Red Riding Hood, Granny and the Big Bad Wolf!


Wow!  What a way to start the term! We had a visit from lots of people today.  Little Red Riding Hood visited us today and told us that her Granny was poorly.  After walking through the wood (and keeping to the path), we finally found Granny's house.  Poor Granny was tucked up in bed!  Granny asked us to find her some soup and bread, so off we all went on our travels.  Granny told us (again) not to go deep in to the forest and not to go off the path.  However, after we found the soup and bread, we got waylaid and stumbled into the forest!  We met a wolf!  At first, the wolf seemed a little scary, but after talking to him, we realised that he was actually quite a nice wolf.  After some small talk, we went back to Granny's house to deliver her the goods.  However, when we arrived, we noticed that Granny had big eyes, big teeth and big ears........

Super 3D shape!


The children have been really busy learning all about 3D shapes!  They are confident at identifying common 3D shapes, including sphere, cube, cuboid and square-based pyramid. The children have began to stretch their learning by learning about 3D shape properties.  Today, they looked at the vertices, edges and faces of different shapes.  They made the shapes from cocktail sticks and sweets (the sweets were used for the vertices)!  The children then counted the properties.  They all did a shape-tastic job!

Our Wonderful Writing!


This week, the children have been working hard on their writing skills.  They have been trying to include full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, verbs and exclamation marks!  The children have only just started their stories, but we can tell that they're going to be great! 

Marvellous Music!


The children were very lucky to have a visit from ROCK STEADY today!  They had the opportunity to explore and look at different instruments and create a band!  A fun time was had by all. 

The Dogs Trust.


We were lucky enough to welcome Helen and Vicki from the Dogs Trust in to our School this week.  They talked to the children about dog safety and the 5 DOG SMART RULES......


If a dog is resting, we should leave them alone

If a dog is eating, we should leave them alone

We should always stay quiet around dogs

Dogs do not like hugs, they prefer a gentle stroke (or a snuggle!)

If a dog takes your toy, tell an adult (who will do a swap for something the dog enjoys)


We can't wait to welcome them back next year!

Excitement is brewing......


Excitement is brewing in Year 1 this week....the children have been busy getting ready for their exhibition!  The children have been looking at people who help us and have been looking closely at what people wear.  They have been putting together large models, writing sentences and writing captions.  We can't wait for everyone to take a look!