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Abbotswood Primary School

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Term 6

Art Week!


Art week is un full force in Year 1!  As a class, the children have been looking at the French street artist Camille Walala.  They have already looked at her in detail and completed an artist study.  The children have began to explore stenciling. They tried three different ways of creating a stencil.  After thinking carefully about their favourite way, they created their own stencil and painted this onto a flower pot.  

Amazing Art!


As part of our Enquiry learning 'What is Summer like in our School?' the children have been looking at the art created by Antoni Gaudí. The children have had a little go at creating a pattern using mosaic to create a sun pattern.  They all did a wonderous job! 

Wow!  Wonderful Singing!


The children had an absolutely amazing time at our singing festival in the hall!  They all sang beautifully and we also had some super-duper dancing.  They all did a fabulous job - we especially oved hearing 'We Don't Talk about Bruno.'


What are fruits and vegetables? 


Today, the children became scientists and explored the difference between fruits and vegetables!  In order to carry out their scientific research, they needed to chop (using the claw grip) and cut (using the bridge method) a cucumber and a tomato.  The children discovered that all fruits have seeds so a cucumber and a tomato are in fact fruits! Who knew?

Is that....a STICK?!


The children were surprised to see a special box in the classroom!  After close investigation, the children discovered that there was a stick inside.  They all found this very odd, but after talking, they realised that the stick could be anything they wanted it to be!  They all went on an adventure – first on a rowing boat, then over the rough seas…..the stick helped them in many different ways….it became a fishing rod, a kite, a guitar and even a carrot!